Evil Lawmakers Order Church to Pay for Elective Abortions

Statue of Lenin in Seattle

A church is suing the state of Washington for attempting to force churches to pay for elective abortion coverage in health care plans.

CBN News reports that Alliance Defending Freedom (ADF), the lawyers representing Cedar Park Assembly of God, are challenging the state abortion mandate on the grounds that it is unconstitutional.

“No church should be coerced to pay for abortions, least of all a church that dedicates its ministry to protecting and celebrating life,” ADF Legal Counsel Elissa Graves said in a press release. “Cedar Park believes and teaches that every human life begins at conception and is worthy of protection at every point until natural death.”

Washington State Senate Bill 6219 states that if churches pay for maternity coverage, they must pay for abortion coverage as well.

The legislation requires Cedar Park to provide coverage for abortion if the church also offers maternity care coverage to its employees, or face fines and criminal penalties, including imprisonment.

They could put people in JAIL for not paying to kill babies!

The ADF complaint explains that Cedar Park purchased a group health insurance plan in order to provide high-quality health care coverage for its employees and fulfill its legal obligations under the law.

“As part of its commitment to care for its employees and their families,” the complaint states, “Cedar Park provides comprehensive insurance coverage for maternity care. Cedar Park believes that maternity care is an integral part of its call to provide for the health of its employees and their families. Because of its religious beliefs, however, Cedar Park seeks to offer health insurance coverage to its employees in a way that does not also cause it to pay for abortions.”

It’s also not just abortion coverage that is mandated. Churches are forced to pay for contraception too.

The Catholic bishops balked and Democrat state Sen. Steve Hobbs, the bill sponsor, replied that if they didn’t like it they could sue, saying this was about the woman and not about the church.

These people are evil and out of control. These elective abortions have nothing to do with women’s health. They are about an agenda — an anti-religious one.

  • I also wondered what was driving the pro-abortion movement, why the pro-abortion crowd was almost rabid about their bloody abortions. I have done some investigating on youtube and some alternate news outlets and this is what I have discovered. The blood of these babies props up evil deities in the earth. For example, the aborted baby blood in the US goes to empower Baal (the deity behind big government in Washington, DC). If you read your bible, this is similar to the Jews making their children “pass through the fire” to Molech. The rabid pro-abortionists have cooperated with the evil entities in order to get (and keep) their positions. Therefore, they have to continue to provide blood for their masters. I know this sounds far-fetched, but do your own research and see what you find. As Solomon said, “That which has been is what will be, That which is done is what will be done, And there is nothing new under the sun.” Ecclesiastes 1:9

  • But the same people would never consider to force muslims to pay to eat pork because that’s a hate crime. But in fact, it’s the same thing. I don’t see how those lawmakers can survive a lawsuit in an unbiased court.

  • I try to keep up with what’s going on in our country. This takes the cake. For any government organization to rule over God’s work is beyond unbelievable. STOP IT.

  • I don’t understand how murdering babies…most of which are girls…is good for women. It’s murder and nothing more.