How Cuomo Plans to Turn the House Over to Nancy Pelosi


New York City and New York State are deeply in debt. The corruption is as stunning as the debt. The Governor of the state and the Communist mayor of New York City both hope to run for President of the United States. Governor Andrew Cuomo hopes to make Nancy Pelosi Speaker of the House once again and he has a plan to do it.

Governor Andrew Cuomo is a Progressive and crony capitalist. He uses tax dollars to pay for ads promoting himself, funds every far-left agenda, and hopes to put through a law allowing women to abort their babies until the moment of birth for any reason whatsoever. He has turned New York into a sanctuary state.

Cuomo has almost complete control of New York but it’s not good enough. He’d love to be President. In the meantime, he might settle for turning the House of Representatives over to Nancy Pelosi.

He has targeted 6 Republican U.S. congressional seats in this next election

The dictatorial governor has raised at least a million dollars so far, but by all accounts, the number is much higher, to defeat Republicans in key areas. The representatives targeted are Lee Zeldin (Suffolk County), John Faso (Columbia County), Elise Stefanik (Essex County in the Adirondacks), Claudia Tenney (Oneida County), Tom Reed (Steuben County in the Southern Tier) and Chris Collins (Erie County).

These latest efforts are being funded by unions with whom he is in bed. The unions in New York are run by Socialists. They employ illegal aliens, teachers, and nurses and have a lot of power. That doesn’t mean their members are Socialists. Most aren’t.

Unions representing health care and hotel and motel workers gave $250,000 each to defeat these Republicans, and the American Federation of Teachers gave $100,000.

The state Nurse’s Association chipped in another $100,000.

In addition, Cuomo said, there have been big-money commitments from prominent national Democratic donors that will not show up in Monday’s filing. Many of them are Hollywood celebrities.

“Gov. Cuomo is putting his money where his mouth is and is leading the way here in New York,” said Neal Kwatra, a politician consultant who is heading the effort.

With House Democratic Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi by his side, Cuomo in June announced the “New York Fights Back” campaign designed to help flip the House back to the Democrats by targeting New York Republicans.

The unions for their part have bought New York Democrat politicians..

The representatives being targeted are a big deal. If Cuomo can turn those counties into Democrat bastions, New York will be a one-party state for decades to come. It would also help turn the House into a Nancy Pelosi regime.

Lee Zeldin and Rosie O’Donnell

One of those he’s hoping to defeat is a congressman in my district Lee Zeldin. He’s honest, religious, a devoted father and husband. In 2006, he was deployed to Iraq with an infantry battalion of paratroopers from the elite 82nd Airborne Division. Zeldin also served as a lawyer in the Judge Advocate General’s Corps. In 2007, he transitioned from active duty to the Army Reserve where he currently serves with the rank of Major.

He’s everything Cuomo is not. I’ve never heard him lie and, being around politicians for decades now, that’s quite a feat. The honorable congressman is not only in the crosshairs of Cuomo but the lunatic Hollywood crowd, many of whom live in the city but have summer homes in Suffolk. They vote illegally in Suffolk where their vote counts. If they don’t get to vote, they pour money into the election.

One hard-left celebrity recently went after Lee Zeldin on Twitter.

The very unhinged Rosie O’Donnell hopes to turn the county she doesn’t even live in. Rosie has homes in upstate New York, New Jersey, West Palm Beach but she wants to tell those who live in Eastern Long Island how to live.

Here’s one exchange with the foul-mouthed Rosie:

Cuomo is a disaster for New York

Cuomo was the failed secretary of Housing and Urban Development from 1997 to 2001,and is known as the “father of the subprime crisis“. He pushed Fannie and Freddie to buy more subprime mortgages to increase home ownership among the poor. Many of those homeowners eventually defaulted, and the mortgage-backed securities market later collapsed.

Today, he alone is responsible for the deterioration of the New York transit system over which he has complete control. While funding his special interests, he let the system fall into complete disrepair. Cuomo has tried to push the blame off on deBlasio, the city mayor and then the President. Both efforts have so far failed. He declared the transit system a “disaster” and hopes to get federal taxpayers to fund the needed infrastructure work.

His agenda is that of the far-left and of the crony capitalist. The son of the allegedly Mafia-tied Mario, he has made New York into a state for foreigners, not citizens. He hopes to do for the country what he has done for New York.


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