Evil! NY Times Op-Ed Calls for Doxxing of Border Agents


The New York Times published an op-ed Saturday by an hysterical ideologue who is calling for border protection agents to face “serious social costs” and public shaming over their work at facilities housing migrant children.

If you don’t think the New York Times is the enemy of the people, you might want to reconsider that now.

Kate Cronin-Furman

The newspaper supports erasing the privacy of Border Patrol agents that keeps them and their families safe.

“The identities of the individual Customs and Border Protection agents who are physically separating children from their families and staffing the detention centers are not undiscoverable,” writes Kate Cronin-Furman, an assistant professor at University College London.

“Immigration lawyers have agent names; journalists reporting at the border have names, photos, and even videos. These agents’ actions should be publicized, particularly in their home communities.”

Kate Cronin-Furman promotes a public shaming campaign in her New York Times-approved piece and claims it’s not really doxxing. She wants to force agents to quit their jobs, deterring others from becoming agents.

“This is not an argument for doxxing — it’s about exposure of their participation in atrocities to audiences whose opinion they care about. ”


Kate Cronin-Furman, calls border separations a “mass atrocity.” She refers to those working for ICE and Border Patrol as “foot soldiers” and invokes the phrase “just following orders” in her argument for taking extra-governmental action.

She is out of her mind, but so is everyone on the hard-left and these are the people who are taking over the Democratic Party.

The article compares the invasion at the border to the genocide of the Holocaust and Rwanda.

AOC comparing detention facilities to concentration camps is an actual tactic of the lunatic far-left and goes beyond AOC. Cronin-Furman is continuing the dangerous ideas of AOC and her allies with the blessing of the Times and taking it further.

“The debate over whether ‘concentration camps’ is the right term for migrant detention centers on the southern border has drawn long-overdue attention to the American government’s dehumanizing treatment of defenseless children,” writes Cronin-Furman. “A pediatrician who visited in June said the centers could be compared to ‘torture facilities.’ Having studied mass atrocities for over a decade, I agree.”

That is a complete lie.

She wants the agents abused in their churches.


The Washington Post published an op-ed Saturday defending the banishing of Republicans who have the audacity to eat at restaurants. It’s a diatribe by Stephanie Wilkinson, the leftist witch who proudly kicked Sarah Huckabee Sanders out of her restaurant, the Red Hen, simply for her political beliefs.

This is all very dangerous and the media is indeed the enemy of the people.

Border Patrol Council vice president Art de Cueto responded:

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3 years ago

This leftist nutjob, but I repeat myself, the left is just a bunch of nutjobs, doesn’t even live in this country. NYT is another DNC/communist propaganda rag on the verge of going out of business. It figures she’d be on their payroll.
Hey, let’s “dox” her and the rest of the staff at NYT. All of them. A little bit of their own medicine might do wonders. A lot of whining would be heard from the left, no doubt.
And, boycott all the leftist propaganda sources. NYT, WAPO, et al. Put ’em out of business.

herbert r richmond
3 years ago

Where was this witch when Obama had illegals in cages????

3 years ago

Exactly my question when I first read this article. Of course, we know the answer. It was the left’s “messiah” who was doing it, so no foul. He, 0zero, could’ve shot someone on 5th Ave. and got away with it.

herbert r richmond
3 years ago

This is pure evil by Fascists in media, at Marxist Universities, Marxist professors, Marxist party attempting to control this country through an invasion. God will not be mocked!