Ex-Cop in St. Louis Acquitted, Barbarians Take to the Streets


A judge found ex-officer Jason Stockley innocent in the death of a black drug dealer in St. Louis.  Lawless barbarians didn’t like the decision and took to the streets to riot.

Every time the radicals don’t like a court decision, they riot, stop traffic, attack officers. Officers are expected to take the abuse.

The media is helping drive the narrative and incite the street thugs. The newspapers and media outlets show photos of the drug dealer posing with a cute little girl, his daughter no doubt, and headlines tell a story meant to drive the riots. For example, one headline read, St. Louis ex-officer Jason Stockley acquitted in killing of black man.

How about telling a different truth in the headline and have it read, St. Louis ex-officer was acquitted in killing of a drug dealer who tried to run him down.

There is no evidence of racism in this case. The officer was accused of lying, planting a gun, and threatening to kill the deceased after he tried to mow the officers down with his car when caught in a drug deal.

Check out the photo of the deceased drug dealer that the media keeps showing. Mr. Smith has a long rap sheet but you would be hard pressed to find his mugshot.

What happened to civilized behavior? Look at these nice little kiddies jumping on the police car while adults watch.


Former St. Louis police officer Jason Stockley and his partner came upon Anthony Lamar Smith, a felon and drug dealer, conducting a drug deal in a supermarket parking lot. Smith spotted the police and tried to back out of the parking lot by mowing down the officers. The officers then pursued Smith in a dangerous high speed chase.

Stockley was heard on tape saying if he catches the criminal, he is going to kill him. He later did kill him. It’s not uncommon for someone to make a comment like that in a heated moment though it certainly made him suspect.

Jason Stockley

Officer Stockley was also accused of planting the gun found with Smith. Guns, however, are standard equipment for gun dealers. Smith had been arrested for carrying guns illegally in the past.

The judge looked at the evidence over and over, along with the video, and determined the prosecutors did not prove guilt.

Ex-cop Stockley was acquitted by the judge.

The mobs aren’t happy with the decision and have taken to the streets. What happened to accepting a lawful decision?

The officers shouldn’t have to show restraint. This is absurd.

The National Guard is on their way to St. Louis. America is becoming lawless. This has got to be stopped and these rioters should have to pay damages.

Imagine if there were riots for every black person who kills a black person in Chicago.

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