Ex-US Attorney accuses Brennan of illegal spying of Americans from 2012-on


Attorneys Victoria Toensing and her husband Joe diGenova, a former US attorney for the District of Columbia, were on Sebastion Gorka’s radio talk show, America First. They claim illicit spying has been going on since 2012 and it’s all about to come out.

“Admiral Rogers discovered illegal spying by FBI contractors and revealed it to the FISA Court on his own without the permission of the FBI director or the Attorney general or the Secretary of Defense or the National Security Council and started a collapse,” diGenova said.

That’s why all FBI contractors were prevented from accessing NSA data. Judge Collier, the chief judge of the FISC found out and would no longer authorize FISA warrants for a while.

Rogers was the Director of the NSA during the Obama administration and found out the illegal spying on Americans was going on for three or four years, according to diGenova.

“Our understanding is it [the spying] got beefed up in the year around the election,” said Toensing.

“Admiral Rogers is talking to people now. … He doesn’t have any choice, but he will willingly testify about what he discovered happened and why he was so disturbed about what the FBI had been doing,” said diGenova.

Gorka asked who was at the bottom of this.


“Joe and I are (sure) that it started with Brennan. He was the brains behind it because Clapper’s really too dumb,” said Toensing.

“There’s no doubt,” said diGenova, “that John Brennan is the core of the entire conspiracy to spy on domestic political opponents in the United States and to do what he did to frame Donald Trump. Brennan has always been an ugly, ugly person politically, ethically, and morally, and he carried it through to an awful degree when it came to Donald Trump. They viewed the president as an immoral vulgarian who should not have the Oval Office and they were going to do everything they could to either prevent him from being elected or to evict him once he had been elected.”

This is sedition and if it turns out the ex-commie [maybe ex] is behind it, he must be tried for treason.

Brennan is the man who General Tata called a “clear and present danger.” It wouldn’t be a surprise if he is found to be guilty. He’s a liar who spied on the U.S. Senate.

Watch General Tata:

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