Except for All the Violent Murders, Rahm Is Doing A Great Job in Chicago


Rahm Emanuel Elevating the Position of Mayor

Rahm’s message to the gangs – have some values – murder each other in the alley away from the kids.

Rahm wouldn’t know the meaning of values if they jumped out of a crayola box and wrote “idiot” on his face.

Here is one of Rahm’s unbelievable quotes, you can’t make this stuff up:

“We’ve got two gangbangers, one standing next to a kid. Get away from that kid. Take your stuff away to the alley. Don’t touch the children of the city of Chicago. Don’t get near them,” Emanuel — President Obama’s former chief of staff — told anchor Scott Pelley.

“And it is about values. As I said then [when a 7-year-old girl was shot and killed last month], who raised you? How were you raised? And I don’t buy this case where people say they don’t have values. They do have values. They have the wrong values. Don’t come near the kids — don’t touch them.”

He had some great news about Chicago: Gang violence occurs in only 8 out of 23 districts, mostly. Another bit of good news is that gangs have values. The really good news is that crime is way down except for all the violent murders – there were 20 murders this weekend alone.

As if that’s not enough, his pinhead police chief blamed the pilgrims for Chicago’s violence (I don’t understand the reference at all):

“It’s a big issue. It’s a long time coming. We’ve done a lot of things wrong in policing in this country. I’m willing to admit that,” said McCarthy. “But this goes back 200-300 years to the time when Pilgrims came here and things developed from that, the African American experience in this country.”

The chief also blamed the white police officers.

“Who has been the people enforcing those laws that were problematic for the African American community all these years? And that’s to me where it all starts,” stated McCarthy. “It starts with the recognition of how we got here and figuring out how we are going to move forward. By first confronting the issue. Recognition is the first step towards reconciliation. So that’s what I bring to the table. It’s one of those things that a lot of police chiefs in this country are afraid to talk about. I’m not afraid to talk about it because it’s out there and we’ve got to address it.”

Then the host who interviewed him blamed the court system as the new Jim Crow.

The host and audience agreed that parents need to step up to the plate.

This radio show is like something you would see in a fifth world nation.

They need Giuliani and Bratten in Chicago.