Executive Order 13575 – Rural Lands Takeover, Update 8/15



Update: – The following video provides a good overview of what this Executive Order actually means to us. This Executive Order gives the government control over 16% of our rural lands. For what reason? Are the rural lands doing badly? Did the farmers ask for this? How much power can the Executive Branch grab in a Republic? The balance of power is being diminished with the improper use of Executive Orders. Don’t forget that the Center for American Progress, under Podesta, believes Obama should circumvent Congress by using Executive Orders, and Obama is doing just that.

Original Story: – Recently, we reported on Executive Order 13575 which allows the President to develop “sustainable communities, something for which the government has no constitutional authority. It is in complete agreement with the UN’s Agenda 21 Read here: The UN’s View on Property Rights – Straight From the Marxist Manual

Last month, Obama created the WH Rural Council, which will be chaired by the Secretary of Agriculture. It will include 25 Cabinet secretaries (oh goody, more bureaucrats). Their mission, which will cover every government everything, is to promote prosperity and quality of life in rural USA.

This is a complete takeover of rural lands and it won’t matter who owns them. The Amish won’t be able to breathe as they try to farm in the old ways. Since when do we need the government to provide this prosperity and equality? The answer is – ever since the redistributionists took over.

From Trevor Loudon: “…Obama’s ultimate goal is to assure that government has ultimate control of every square inch of land, every business activity, the curriculum in every school and, ultimately, the information that may be conveyed on the public airways.

This is the goal of Agenda 21. Its recommendations are designed to produce this outcome. The program is called “Sustainable Development,” which means in real terms “government-approved” development. Every recommendation in Agenda 21 requires government enforcement. Any activity that is preceded by the word “Sustainable,” should be recognized as a “government-controlled” activity.

Sustainable Development brings the concept of “Amortization of Non-Conforming Uses.” This means that, over time, the right of private landowners to occupy their houses will automatically be extinguished, and owners will be forced to leave their property without just compensation. This is happening in both urban and rural areas of the country. One of the more blatant examples was revealed in an article published by the LA Weekly News, June 23: “L.A. County’s Private Property War.”

Countless L.A. County property owners have been victimized by armed NATs (Nuisance Abatement Teams) issuing citations for ‘living on the land illegally’ and other equally ridiculous code violations. This is on land the victim owns. The code violations arise from new codes that comply with Agenda 21. These codes did not exist when the homes in Antelope Valley were built 20 and 30 years ago. Owners have had the time since the new codes were adopted, until recently, to bring their structures up to code. Those who failed to do so have now effectively lost their property to the county – without compensation. The fact that the land owners had no idea these ridiculous codes had been adopted is no excuse. This is ‘Amortization of Non-Conforming Uses.’” Read here: Rural land takeover

Global governance, sustainable development, Agenda 21 (UN) are very real and they are being implemented in the United States by our current administration. The belief is that our world must be fair and all manner of existence must be equalized. Who is to do this? The elites of course. Read here: Global Governance


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