Executive Order Coming on the Census


President Trump will issue an Executive Order to put the citizenship question on the census.  The announcement will come later today.

Last month, the Supreme Court liberals and Justice Roberts kicked it back to the lower court. They claimed the federal government failed to make a compelling case for adding the question to the survey, sending the legal battle back to lower courts.

The President said he would fight the Supreme Court’s decision, either through executive order or other means. The Department of Justice has a new team of lawyers.

Trump tweeted Thursday morning that he planned to address the issue during a press conference at the White House Rose Garden later that day. Bloomberg confirmed it’s to announce the Executive Order.

We are all entitled to know how many non-citizens are here.



  1. It’s been reported that he is caving and giving up on the question and will find a different way to count citizenship. Should be interesting to watch what he is going to say.

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