Existential THREAT to the NRA Comes to a Head


The NRA is facing threats to their very existence from the outside and internally. While Everytown and Andrew Cuomo threatens their very existence with devastating lawsuits, the bigger threat is the internal fight between President Oliver North and CEO Wayne LaPierre.


North asked LaPierre to step down and allegedly, sent LaPierre an extortion letter which he threatened to make public if he didn’t. The letter pointed to alleged over-spending and sexual harassment complaints.

The Times reports that North, a key figure in the Reagan era Iran-Contra scandal, had created a committee to investigate alleged financial improprieties at the NRA.

On the other side, North was accused of double dipping. The Daily Beast reported Friday that a civil complaint in Virginia filed earlier this month and amended Wednesday claims that North has been receiving income from advertising firm Ackerman McQueen while it has been under contract with NRA TV to produce a documentary series.

Usually, the presidency of the NRA is a ceremonial position, but he insisted on a salary from the NRA.

The NRA also claims Ackerman McQueen has been doing little for the tens of millions it has received from them.

Since the NRA is the one thing that stands between the Second Amendment and the fascists, we do want the NRA to survive.

Oliver North announced Saturday that he will not run for reelection at the gun rights group’s annual meeting.

“Please know I hoped to be with you today as NRA president endorsed for reelection. I’m now informed that that will not happen,” North said in a letter read at the NRA’s national convention by the group’s Second Vice President Richard Childress.

Hopefully, this will settle most of the problems, but we doubt it.

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Myron Vassiliev
Myron Vassiliev
4 years ago

When the confiscation begins the NRA member’s list will be starting point number one.
You can’t have an armed populace and the fundamental transformation Great Leap Forward improvementation.

4 years ago

The NRA hasn’t done enough against the anti-gun politicians and the left wing news media. It insists on backing anti-gun republicans when there are other options (Libertarians) available. The excuse they always use is that Libertarians can’t get elected. If they would just simply support Libertarians just when both the major party candidates running in a race are anti-gun it would force the Republican party to weed out anti-2nd amendment office holders and we gun owners could start making some advances. The Republicans feel that all they have to do is just be a LITTLE less anti-gun and they automatically get the NRA vote. That’s why I let my NRA membership lapse.