UN Will Vet Our Syrian Refugees


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According to Judicial Watch, which recently obtained the information through FOIA requests, the US State Department confirmed the travels of an al-Qaeda leader, Adnan G. El Shukrijumah, also known as Javier Robles. He freely went back-and-forth between Mexico and the United States.

The heavily redacted State Department documents show that Shukrijumah was killed in 2014 in South Waziristan by the Pakistan Army. Prior to his death Robles had assisted in the planning of several attacks against American targets, including a bomb plot to blow up the Chicago studios of Oprah Winfrey. He was also involved in other plots to detonate nuclear devices in several American cities.

For years, even as he appeared atop the FBI’s most wanted list, Shukrijumah was able to transit back and forth across the US border at will. He met with fellow Islamists in Texas and even once flew an aircraft in to the Cielo Dorado airfield in Anthony, New Mexico.

A Pakistani and Afghan terrorist recently crossed our border and we now know that terrorists have been coming across since at least 2004 and even since 2000.

Syrians or fake Syrians have been entering the United States but Barack Obama wants to make a concerted effort to get a lot more in even though they can’t be vetted. We know that ISIS stole tens of thousands of visas when they took over government buildings in different countries and we know they’ve been forging passports among other documents. We also know that Syria does not have a records system in place to begin with. Syria isn’t the only country that is a problem of course, Under Obama and Hillary, several countries have become failed states.

The refugees are being “expedited” as if that makes any sense whatsoever. there is no urgency to do this.

Nayla Rush of The Center for Immigration Studies discussed a sourced report about who will be vetting our Syrian refugees – the ones that can’t be vetted.

The United States is entrusting the staff of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) with the entire selection and pre-screening process of Syrian refugees eligible for resettlement in the United States. “UNHCR is the United States’ largest partner overseas. We provide substantial funding to that agency,” said Larry Bartlett from the State Department.11 The United States has donated $4.5 billion to UNHCR since the beginning of the Syrian crisis in 2011. For those who question its humanitarian outreach, the United States is the most generous donor to the refugee cause of any nation in the world.  [For new readers:  See Larry Bartlett in action in Twin Falls, Idaho last fall by clicking here.  Is he working for Chobani Yogurt by supplying the company with cheap labor?]


The UNHCR is deciding not only who can move to the United States, it is also choosing who gets a chance to become American and who doesn’t. Given such high stakes, Americans should be encouraged to question this opaque system.

The UN hates us. We are the enemy.

So-called UN peacekeepers have been raping children and paying the poverty-stricken children to have sex with them. They’re savages and the UN is comprised in part of savages and dictators.

We trust them?

Terrorist sleeper cells are located primarily in Virginia, New York, North Carolina, Michigan, Florida, California, and Canada. The “sleepers” are prepared to conduct terrorist attacks within the U.S., and nuclear material is available to them. “Prepared” in this instance indicates they have the necessary tools to carry out their attacks and are prepared to die, according to this publication.

We reported on the new “expedited” screening process in October.

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The UN is also screening our Central American refugees from narco nations.

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