Explosive Charges That Obama Administration Freed a Terrorist Refugee


This is an explosive report from Fox News. An Iraqi militant who got through Obama’s extreme vetting with fake ID, was later freed in the weeks before the election so as to not make Hillary Clinton look bad.  A letter to the Attorney General is asking for an investigation.

This is criminal behavior. Someone needs to go to jail.

The Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee has asked Attorney General Jeff Sessions to find out why the terrorist’s arrest was resisted, a few weeks before the election.

” … local law enforcement and prosecutors allegedly ‘met resistance’ from officials within the National Security Division’s Counter Terrorism section in Washington DC.” – Sen. Ron Johnson, R-Wis., in letter to DOJ

Donald Trump’s stated policies were to be tough on terror and to launch a program of extreme vetting. Hillary’s policy was to do as Obama did.

The suspect participated in attacks against U.S. troops as an Iraqi militant.

The insurgent entered the U.S. through the refugee program and it was what he did when he got here that triggered an investigation. The Joint Terrorism Task Force (JTTF) planned to charge him with visa fraud during their investigation but they were stymied in their investigation.

ISIS has taken over whole cities and can easily forge IDs, especially when our “extreme vetting” is an honor system.

U.S. officials said earlier this week that nearly a third of the FBI’S 1,000 ongoing domestic terrorism investigations involve those admitted to the U.S. as refugees.

Refugees are admitted based on an honor system and they are not required to produce identity documentation or other types of documentation.

Iraq isn’t included in the current travel ban but it should be.


HEATHER CHILDERS: Senator Ron Johnson wants to know why a Texas Joint Terrorism Task Force couldn’t pursue the case of an Iraqi refugee who entered this country under a fake name when it is believed that he fought against US troops in Iraq. National correspondent William La Jeuneese has more on this breaking story. William, this just makes you shake your head.

WILLIAM LA JEUNESSE: You know how the administration claims this travel ban is necessary because of the inability to properly vet people from certain Middle Eastern countries.

Well now comes this terrorism investigation that illustrates that point, so the chairman of the Senate Homeland Security Committee Ron Johnson of Wisconsin has written this letter to the Attorney General asking about a man who entered the US as an Iraqi refugee who later became the subject of an investigation by the Joint Terrorism Task Force in San Antonio.

Now according to the letter, and I’m quoting, “This individual allegedly fought against American troops as an insurgent in Iraq and at some point entered the country as a refugee under a false alias.” So the vetting didn’t work. The JTTF then tracked down the Navy SEAL who captured this man for a positive ID who said the Iraqi boasted at the time of killing US troops.

Ultimately he was released and made his way here to the US under a false name. Well now here is the second shocking part of the story: when the US attorney for the western district of Texas sought to prosecute this refugee, it got turned down by an attorney at the main Justice Department because, we are told, it would make Hillary look bad and confirm what candidate Donald Trump was saying was accurate. Now that Iraqi is gone and they don’t know where he is.

Johnson said the case demonstrates the risks involved with getting people with little documented history in these countries where there is no paper trail. The Homeland Security Department, as you know Heather, recently said nearly a third of the 1000 FBI domestic terrorism cases involved those admitted to the US as refugees.

But how can that be? Three hundred of the terrorism cases are refugees? Democrats say there’s no evidence terrorists are exploiting the refugee program. Could it be they are lying and only care about votes and their political careers?

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