Explosive Report of Uranium Mine Sale, DoJ Deceit, Hillary and Bill Involvement


Investigative reporter John Solomon, writing for The Hill, is publishing blockbuster revelations that tie Uranium One with the Russian bribery scheme of a U.S. nuclear transport company and Obama administration approvals letting Moscow buy and sell more atomic fuels.

The Russians even mocked the Obama administration over the ease with which they executed their plan.

The FBI knew that the entire overall effort by the Russians was to control U.S. uranium within U.S. borders which they have accomplished to some degree. They own a mine capable of more than 20% of U.S. uranium and can now transport and deal with enriched uranium whereas before they were only dealing with old uranium of WWII vintage — prior to the many Obama deals. They are even planning a uranium enrichment plant on U.S. soil.

The revelations come from FBI informant William Campbell who is battling cancer and had spent six years undercover collecting evidence – thousands of pieces of evidence, perhaps tens of thousands, including videos of Russians with suitcases full of cash.

The scheme was all part of a Russian plot to corner the American uranium market. Emails and memos show the sale of Uranium One was part of a larger effort make the U.S. dependent on Russia for its uranium. Russians are working on that as we speak and they are corrupt in addition to being our most prominent geo-political enemy.

The DoJ Lied

The DoJ has told us that Mr. Campbell wouldn’t shed much light on the 2010 purchase but that was not true. The opposite is true. Mr. Campbell was paid to consult for Rosatom to lobby for them to pave the way for the purchase.

The media and the FBI have downplayed the sale but the U.S. mine had substantial assets in addition to 20% of U.S. uranium.

A year before Russia’s state-owned Rosatom was allowed to purchase Uranium One, Campbell had documented for the FBI the illegal activities by Russians nuclear officials in fall 2009, according to memos.

One memo shows Russia’s “resolve” in controlling resources including U.S. resources (June 24, 2010 email to Campbell).

There was discomfort among Canadian executives over the sale — corporate management didn’t even know – and Republicans were rebelling. The Russians wanted that squashed.

At the time, Campbell was working alongside Rod Fisk (an American contractor working for the Russians) as an American consultant to Rosatom’s commercial sales arm Tenex. He was also secretly gathering evidence that Fisk, Tenex executive Vadim Mikron and others were racketeering, engaging in bribing and kickbacks, extortion and money laundering.

The FBI confirmed the documents and did compensate Campbell for more than a quarter million dollars though the losses were closer to a million. The FBI is attempting to sell the idea that information gathered on Uranium One was more significant to the 2008 case than the criminal prosecutions of 2013.

FBI officials are reviewing the information and will brief members of Congress Monday.

The Goal Was to Control U.S. Uranium, The FBI Knew

Campbell’s undercover work chronicled Russia’s strategy modeling their successful one creating natural gas monopolies in eastern Europe. It strengthened Russia’s economy and standing geo-politically. The FBI knew this, it was included in presidential briefings, and still they sold the mine to them.

One part of the plan was to make the U.S. more reliant on Russian uranium before a program that converted former Soviet warheads into U.S. nuclear fuel expired in 2013 according to documents and interviews Mr. Campbell provided. We now know that was the Tenex deal the U.S. also approved.

Documents show they were going to build a uranium enrichment plant on U.S. soil.

What could go wrong?

The FBI knew of the Obama administration’s half dozen decisions favorable to Russia from 2008 to 2012 including the sale of Uranium One and removing Rosatom from export restrictions, enriching Russia in the billions of dollars with new uranium sales contracts.

This was during the Obama-Hillary reset which lasted until Russia invaded Ukraine.

There are more than 5,000 pages of documents reviewed by The Hill directly that conflict with some of the Justice officials’ accounts.

The FBI Appears to Have Lied Again

Both Attorney General Jeff Sessions in testimony last week and Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein in a letter to the Senate last month tried to suggest there was no connection between Uranium One and the nuclear bribery case. Their argument was that the criminal charges weren’t filed until 2014, while the Committee of Foreign Investment in the United States (CFIUS) approval of the Uranium One sale occurred in October 2010.

“The way I understand that matter is that the case in which Mr. Mikerin was convicted was not connected to the CFIUS problem that occurred two to three years before,” Sessions testified to the House Judiciary Committee last week, echoing Rosenstein’s letter from a few weeks earlier.

Mr. Solomon reports that investigative records show FBI counterintelligence recorded the first illicit payments in the bribery/kickback scheme in November 2009, a year before the CFIUS approval. Campbell also relayed detailed information about criminal conduct throughout 2010. He has the evidence to prove it and there is “zero doubt”.

How did they approve the deal under these circumstances? Did the FBI inform Congress? Why did the DoJ lie? The congressional chairs are unhappy about being misled by the DoJ.

Before the sale of the mine, Campbell’s file shows clear information about Uranium One and its ties to the bribery scheme and the purpose of Russia’s efforts which connected all of it.

Hillary and Bill Clinton

This is where Hillary and Bill Clinton become obvious players:

Campbell’s debriefing files also show he regularly mentioned to FBI agents in 2010 a Washington entity with close ties to Bill and Hillary Clinton that was being paid millions to help expand Tenex’s business in the United States. The entity began increasing its financial support to a Clinton charitable project after it was hired by the Russians, according to the documents.

Campbell engaged in conversations with his Russian colleagues about the efforts of the Washington entity and others to gain influence with the Clintons and the Obama administration. He also listened as visiting Russians used racially tinged insults to boast about how easy they found it to win uranium business under Obama, according to a source familiar with Campbell’s planned testimony to Congress.

After CFIUS approved the sale and Mikerin a work visa despite the extensive evidence of his criminal activity, which led Campbell to confront one of his FBI handlers.

The handler said it was “politics”.

The DoJ is pleading ignorance.

Media Misled And Shephard Smith Too

Reuters and Yahoo News also released misinformation last week about the importance of Mr. Campbell’s documents, trying to belittle his role.

Solomon writes that The Washington Post and Fox News anchor Shepard Smith have inaccurately reported several elements of the story incorrectly including saying Uranium One never exported its American uranium because the Obama administration did not allow it.

The documents prove Russians exported uranium to Canada for enrichment and from there it went to Europe and Asia.

That circumvented the understanding in the agreement.

The DoJ has provided media with “leaks” to discredit Campbell, Solomon says but documents prove otherwise. They want the public to believe Campbell has nothing and was unimportant but he has documents that prove otherwise. For example, after the convictions, the FBI took Campbell out for a celebratory seafood dinner and handed him a handsome reward: a check for $51,046.36 dated Jan. 7, 2016, a copy of which was obtained by The Hill.

Campbell Was Chosen to Go Undercover

In addition, Campbell was not a victim who went to the FBI after Russians tried to extort him, but rather an informant tightly controlled by FBI counterintelligence who signed a nondisclosure agreement with them in 2008, a year before Campbell was inserted inside Mikein’s world. The debriefings prove it along with surreptitious recordings and collecting documents.

Campbell has a history of working with the FBI prior to this.

The FBI didn’t use Campbell because they destroyed exculpatory evidence (Fisk’s computer hard drive) during trial and then covered it up.


The FBI had all of Campell’s emails in 2015 and his emails recovered from Fisk’s computers in 2011 as well as all the documents Campbell gave them from 2008 on.

The stress led Mr. Campbell to have a bout with drinking which resulted in three driving charges, including one DUI, but the FBI, though aware, continued to use him for many years after.

Until then, Mr. Campbell had an unblemished record, but leading a double life and being threatened by the Russians took its toll. He also had to socialize with the heavy drinking Russians and he couldn’t compromise his cover.

Mr. Campbell has had no drinking or driving issues since 2014 when he ceased working undercover.

Read the entire story at The Hill.

This should be page one of every newspaper in the country and worldwide but it isn’t.


  1. I witnessed transfers by Hilary Clinton to Russia during election voting end in the billions.I reported it to the White House the very second I seen the illegal wire transfers.Hastings scam of Draw another circle of laundering thieves went a second after Clintons in close to a billion in increments as well.Hastings never reported these transfers to United States Bankrupcy courts in Deleware.Tax evasion,High treason I witnessed and so far my voice hasn’t been heard I am forgotten.Shelly Adele Peterson Moses Lake,Wa.Creditor of Hastings Entertainment since 2013.

  2. Sessions SHOULD resign, but he will not.

    Becoming AG was his life long dream position, one in which he was very willing to sell his soul to the devil achieving. Sessions is NOT Attorney General of the DOJ, he abdicated that role during the approval process, literally allowed himself to be castrated by Democrats.

    Sessions is in charge of peripheral issues like MS13, trying to go after sanctuary cities but the more important, even Earth-shattering issues like HIGH TREASON of many government officials, of that he has recused himself rendering him impotent.

    I would also remind you, were it not for Jeff Sessions recusal, there would BE no Mueller investigation. Instead, there would be a full, complete and wholly appropriate investigation into traitors who have sold America out.

    As to the appointing of a Special Prosecutor to investigate, the very intent and federal code for appointment of a SP IS present with the very incestuous relationship between the DOJ, Rod Rosenstein, James Comey and Mueller himself and others. The only way to NOT require a Special Prosecutor would be to immediately FIRE each and every DOJ and FBI official connected to the Obama and Clinton administrations. Unless and until that happens, these traitors are outrageously, investigating themselves.

    Sessions will NEVER agree to do his job and thus, he should immediately be replaced. Because the nominating process is overly long, especially with Democrat-Obstructionists and Anti-Trump Republican betrayers, President Trump would need to appoint an Acting AG, a position which is immediate.

  3. This is a great report. Sessions has made another inexcusable mistake by denying a connection between Uranium One and the bribery case. It could ensure his removal. Overall, there appears to be a conflict between the DOJ and the USA, as shown with the DOJ’s uncooperative posture in Congress. My hunch is that there is no chance Sessions will investigate (though he may pretend) or prosecute, but would resign instead of acting.

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