Explosive! Reports Tie President Obama to Russian Transfer of US Uranium Abroad


The U.S. nuclear regulatory commission, through a back door license, allowed our Russian-owned U.S. Uranium to leave the country for Canada and other parts unknown.

The U.S. needs to import Uranium — we don’t have enough of our own —  but the Obama administration, in a deal that enriched the Clintons, allowed 20 percent of U.S. Uranium to be sold to the Russians. The deal was supposed to prohibit the transfer of uranium out of the country but the administration circumvented the prohibition.

Barack Obama purposely manipulated the process. It wasn’t one decision. There were a series of Obama decisions between 2010 and 2012 that were incredibly favorable to Rosatam, the Russian Nuclear company. At the same time, there was a Russia scheme to drive up the prices of Uranium which the FBI knew about. The FBI also knew that Putin was running a bribery scheme with a U.S. nuclear trucking company.

Yet they did it anyway.

Part of the Uranium One deal included a clause prohibiting the transfer of U.S. Uranium overseas without a license. Normally, Congress would have to approve it but they obtained a back door license.

In an April 23, 2015 article of an investigation by the NY Times, Jo Becker and Mike McIntire exposed the transfer of Uranium abroad. They wrote:

Despite assurances by the Nuclear Regulatory Commission that uranium could not leave the country without Uranium One or ARMZ obtaining an export license — which they do not have — yellowcake from his property was routinely packed into drums and trucked off to a processing plant in Canada.

Asked about that, the commission confirmed that Uranium One has, in fact, shipped yellowcake to Canada even though it does not have an export license. Instead, the transport company doing the shipping, RSB Logistic Services, has the license. A commission spokesman said that “to the best of our knowledge” most of the uranium sent to Canada for processing was returned for use in the United States. A Uranium One spokeswoman, Donna Wichers, said 25 percent had gone to Western Europe and Japan. At the moment, with the uranium market in a downturn, nothing is being shipped from the Wyoming mines.

The “no export” assurance given at the time of the Rosatom deal is not the only one that turned out to be less than it seemed. Despite pledges to the contrary, Uranium One was delisted from the Toronto Stock Exchange and taken private. As of 2013, Rosatom’s subsidiary, ARMZ, owned 100 percent of it.

Little media attention was paid to that explosive information. We now have confirmation that this is occurring.

Documents now prove it is going to Europe, possible Asia, and we don’t know where else. John Solomon, reporting for The Hill, wrote that the Nuclear Regulatory Commission assured Congress and the public the new owners couldn’t export any raw nuclear fuel from America’s shores.

“No uranium produced at either facility may be exported,” the NRC declared in a November 2010 press release that announced that ARMZ, a subsidiary of the Russian state-owned Rosatom, had been approved to take ownership of the Uranium One mining firm and its American assets.”

Without issuing a license, The National Regulatory Commission did approve the shipment of yellowcake uranium — the raw material used to make nuclear fuel and weapons — from the Russian-owned mines in the United States to Canada in 2012 through a third party. Later, the Obama administration approved some of that uranium going all the way to Europe, government documents show.

Some shipments might have gone to Asia, we don’t where or how much.

Sarah Carter of Circa News uncovered another bombshell report revealing that a current DOE (Department of Energy) official once consulted for Russian nuclear companies.

Cheryl Moss Herman, an official with the United States Department of Energy, produced a detailed report in 2010 for a Russian nuclear company when she was a private energy and environmental consultant.

The document Moss Herman wrote as a consultant in 2010 was for TENAM/Tenex, according to the consulting memorandum she provided to the Russian subsidiary and obtained by Circa.

TENAM is a fully owned U.S. subsidiary to Tenex which is fully owned by the Russian state controlled nuclear company Rosatom. They own our Uranium mine.

It’s not illegal – unbelievably – but there are strong ethical considerations about working with foreign entities that could pose a significant problem when dealing with national security interests.

Several weeks after Moss Herman wrote her report for the Russian entities, the Uranium One deal was approved. The Committee on Foreign Investment in the United States (CFIUS) approved it by the end of October, 2010. CFIUS is an inter-agency committee that reviews transactions that would lead to a change of control of a U.S. business to a foreign person or entity that may have an impact on the national security.

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6 years ago

Sessions was one of the few Senators who was very highly respected not only among many colleagues but also a majority of the Conservative public. This is quickly changing. It is becoming more and more a sense of “disgust” by the public. It is more understandable now to hear how outraged Trump was over his recusal as it neuters his effectiveness in his position. Initially the recusal may have been a worthy decision but once this investigation exploded, as it has, and new evidence exposed, he should have either rescinded the recusal or submitted his resignation.

It is hypocritical for Grassley to complain about the Attorney General and the lack of cooperation with Congress when it was HIM to emphatically stated he would NOT hold hearings for a new AG if Sessions was removed. His words cemented Sessions in his position and thus the Justice Department’s failure to comply with him.

Under the circumstances Sessions can be considered As corrupt as Hillary and the DNC. He suggested Rosenstein could decide himself if there could be a conflict when it was this man who allowed the Uranium One case to be swept under the rug. When a case is a matter of money laundering, bribery and extortion and a plea bargain is made that allows a person to essentially escape punishment it is highly suspicious. It is of even bigger concerns when all the players investigating Trump were part of CFIUS that Allowed Uranium One to continue. The company, Uranium One itself is suspicious in the way it began and for that reason should never have even been considered.

6 years ago

Congressman Says Jeff Sessions Has Recused Himself on Uranium One Deal,Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-FL) told Breitbart News on Wednesday, he asked Sessions to appoint a special counsel to investigate the 2010 Uranium One deal and Fusion GPS, the attorney general stood up, said he could not discuss the matter because he had recused himself, and walked out of the room, leaving them with a group of Rosenstein staffers “who showed no interest.” That’s troubling because that puts Rosenstein in charge Gaetz said……Trump needs to FIRE Sessions now !!!!!!!

6 years ago

This from CNS News……. Victoria Toensing, who represents an undercover informant who helped the FBI in its investigation of the kickback and money laundering scheme, said her client has information on how bribery money came from Russian operatives, and how these Russians were seeking to expand their holdings in the uranium market and “peddle influence with the State Department and the Clintons.”Further, the informant apparently has emails, documents, and tapes that “show the bribery, the racketeering, the corruption, the money laundering and the extortion,” Toensing, speaking on the Oct. 25 edition of Hannity, also said that her client “was being told by the FBI that President Obama was being briefed on this matter” as the investigation was occuring 2009-2014……………..The question is, will anybody put in handcuffs??? I doubt it !!!!!!!!!!!!!