Explosive Revelations About What FB and Google Can Do


Social media giants can control the minds and hearts of the American people in any number of ways. It’s time to be concerned or they will become Big Brother. You will be shocked by what a team of researchers have found.

In General, Look At What We Know They Can Do

Julian Assange of Wikileaks has been on the case and this next recommendation is one everyone should look into. I have and it’s shocking. It also aligns with the results I get when I search on the website.

They are using the data to psychologically control, one Google expert says about Facebook. Francois Chollet describes himself on Twitter as “Deep learning @google. Author of Keras, neural networks library. Author of book “Deep Learning with Python”. Founder of Wysp, learning platform for artists.” He tweeted about the totalitarian panopticon.

In another tweet, he wrote, also about FB, “There’s only one company where the product is an opaque algorithmic newsfeed, that has been running large-scale mood/opinion manipulation experiments, that is neck-deep in an election manipulation scandal, that has shown time and time again to have morally bankrupt leadership.”

He has a point and Facebook has admitted it but no one has noticed. They’re so intentionally subtle and selectively open.

Currently, FB is using an algorithm that shuts down right-wing reporters, leaves left-wing reporters untouched. FB’s human fact checkers are clearly biased. They take money from George Soros and they use companies like Snopes and the hate group Southern Poverty Law Center to control what people can read, and, as a result, think.

By no means, is it only FB. Google, YouTube [owned by Google], and Twitter are all doing the same things.

The Onset of Totalitarianism — For Real

While Julian Assange has his critics and his serious flaws, he offers insights and information that sometimes does a great service. Recently, he tweeted a link to a NY Times article, The Banality of Evil, and included this excerpt:


The Explosive Revelations About to Be Unleashed About FB and Google

Cambridge Analytica has been made into a demon that altered the election but of course they hadn’t. It’s partisan deceit, but there is potential for these tech giants to swing elections.

Dr. Robert Epstein, a senior Psyhologist Researcher for the American Behavioral Research and Technology, has looked into the possibility of swinging elections via social media manipulation.

He spoke with Tucker on his show last night about the power of Google and Facebook.  After extensive research, he said Americans should be “paranoid” about what Google and Facebook can do. For instance, he said, if Mark Zuckerberg decided to press the enter key in early morning the day of the election to Hillary supporters only, telling them to go out and vote, that would have sent 450,000 voters out to vote for her. No one would have “known this occurred”, he said.

“What Google can do is off the scale”. They can take a 50-50 split of voters and change it to 90-10 without anyone knowing they have been manipulated. There will be no paper trail.

The results of their extensive research is about to be released.

Dr. Epstein couldn’t yet be too specific but he said a lot has to do with search suggestions. From the minute you press press search suggestions and results, they are manipulating people by favoring the results in a certain way.

The researcher says the “threat is absolutely, positively profound.” He believes if our congressman see it, it is so profound that they will take action.

It would have to be pretty profound for our Congress to take meaningful action, but hopefully he is correct.

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5 years ago

Facebook’s platform is one huge psychology experiment, the latest of which is preceded by at least a dozen others. Each time, FB apologizes, attends a hearing(s), in many cases, is appalled for being called out, issues a half-ass apology after which FB resume its experiments on lab rats, correction FB users.

On top of it all, it shuts out opposing views while at the same time begging pages with opposing views to pay FB to promote their FB pages which FB has no intention of doing. The latter while Zuckerberg may see it as a psychological experiment, from where I sit, is also fraud.