Exposé – The OWS Seditious Plan to Destroy Capitalism Starting in May


“I think when you spread the wealth around, it’s good for everybody.” ~ Barack Obama

The following video/audio exposes the Occupy Wall Street planning Sessions in March 2011&’12. In the audio, Steve Lerner of SEIU calls for the end of Capitalism and one of the women in the audio section is a Professor at CUNY.

The OWS plan is to destroy Capitalism, the economic foundation of our government.

One approach they plan to use is to attack banks, starting with JP Morgan Chase, which they see as an easy victim. To increase their numbers, they plan to organize people who won’t or can’t pay their mortgages and/or student loans.

It is no coincidence that they use May Day as a launch date.

The plan is to start daily marches and play on fear – NYCGA Events.

They are planning to dress to blend in. The purpose is to disarm the unsuspecting police and the innocent people who cross their paths – Dress to Blend, OWS

They Aren't Going to Look Like Dirty Slobs for the Spring Revival of Occupy Wall Street

Links pointing to connections between the agenda of the OWS and that of the President.

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Obama planning the redistribution of wealth via mortgage loans – Destroy Ed DeMarco and destroy the system of mortgage loans

Obama fundamentally transforming America – Obama fundamentally transforming America

Obama’s war on the rich – Forbes

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Unions spending hundreds of millions for Obama’s re-election – AFL-CIO boosts ground support for Obama


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