Extremely Creepy Peter Strzok Had a Couple Interesting Things to Say


Peter Strzok still has his security clearance, he announced Thursday at a hearing on Capitol Hill. The so-called Attorney General Jeff Sessions couldn’t even get that right when he said Strzok lost his security clearance as he was walked out of the FBI building with his pay and benefits intact.

Strzok is extremely creepy.


Another takeaway from the hearings Thursday was that Strzok admitted Christopher Steele was still providing dossier updates to the FBI in October 2016 although he was fired the previous February.

Strzok admitted he did get information from Christopher Steele via Bruce Ohr. Steele created the “dossier”.

John Solomon, a contributor to The Hill, reported on Laura Ingraham’s show last night that Steele was fired in February but the FBI kept getting the updates from Steele via emissaries. One investigator told Solomon that it was circular reporting that kept coming back to the FBI. In other words, the same information was being recycled through other news sources and then fed back as if it were a new source coming up with the same information.

The unverified dossier led to the wiretapping and the probe.


Another big takeaway was his admission that he changed the wording on the Comey document defining the results of the probe into Hillary’s emails.

He changed it from “grossly negligent” to “extremely careless”, which meant she was no longer legally liable.

For the most part, he refused to answer questions. He had the help of the highly partisan Democrats. They desperately shut down every good question.



  1. That definitely has to be the strangest video clip ever recorded of a witness in a Congressional hearing.

    I’ve only seen a few of the members questioning and Rep Ratcliffe certainly hit home by specifying that Strzok wrote all those messages on FBI devices and on FBI time, YET, it was only personal opinions. He surely spent a great deal of “personal Time” at “work”. And WE are actually suppose to believe ALL that was set aside every time he sat down to work on the investigations.

  2. So, within 24 hrs after the Strzok disaster the Justice Department unveils new Russian indictments, including Guccifer 2.0. This is another questionable indictment. There was an analysis of the Guccifer 2.0 files and they were obviously manipulated fakes. The last indictment appeared to be taken from years old news stories of many sources. What the hell is Mueller doing with more Russian indictments when he’s going after Roger Stone and associates, Ted Malloch and other superfluous players.

  3. Really! If Sessions is That clueless of what is going on then he should resign. If not, then he is an outright liar and should resign.

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