Extremely Dangerous Leaks! This Is a Coup


Thursday morning, The Washington Post printed full transcripts of the President’s phone calls with the Mexican and Australian Presidents from January 27th.

This is an extremely dangerous leak. The purpose is to undermine President Trump and destroy his ability to enact the agenda.

The transcripts are part of the more than 126 leaks in as many days since he has been President. The media and whoever leaked the intel are releasing secret documentation that is of value to our enemies. This latest leak of conversations with foreign leaders will make it difficult for any foreign leader to talk with President Trump. It could make it impossible for him to function.

What’s next? Leaks of conversations about North Korea with Japan? Think about it. There has already been a leak about Trump allegedly being willing to strike North Korea.

How can the President lead like this? Who are these leakers who think they can break the law? This is a coup like you would see in a Banana Republic.

For those who don’t think a coup possible, recall that John Brennan and James Clapper recently encouraged exactly that.




  1. This appears to be the beginning of the intermediate stage of the coup. Party leaders have completely abandoned Trump. Sessions traveled to El Salvador and seems to be doing nothing legally to help Trump. Leaks are now blatant. McMasters is firing Trump supporters. Trump is being isolated.

  2. It’s very hard to comprehend that the culprits haven’t been caught. Access to these documents has to be very limited.

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