Extremist Gov Cuomo Praised for Recreational Abortion Bill


“If people let the government decide what foods they eat and what medicines they take, their bodies will soon be in as sorry a state as the souls who live under tyranny.”

~ Thomas Jefferson

Certified OB/GYN Dr. Omar Hamada, a former Army surgeon, has delivered 2500 babies. He says there has never been a reason to not deliver the baby alive in the third trimester. New York State passed a bill this week that is nothing short of approving recreational abortions of fully-developed babies.

It is the language of the bill and the joyous response to it that is most problematic.

Some physicians disagree with Dr. Hamada and say that there are reasons to abort a third-term baby, but the language of Cuomo’s bill allows abortion for any reason at any time. And that is a problem. The celebration of it is also nauseating.

Katie Pavlich interviewed Dr. Hamada on Fox & Friends Sunday morning and we have the clip.

There is not a single condition that requires doctors to kill a child before birth in the third trimester, not a single one, the doctor said.

Ms. Pavlich said the New York bill allowing abortion after 24 weeks,  “it essentially is then a recreation abortion bill.”

Dr. Hamada said the bill does three things. It removes homicidal protections for the unborn baby. Prior to this bill, a prosecutor could charge a person with homicide for killing a baby in the womb after 24 weeks. “That’s been removed,” he said.

It allows for any authorized healthcare practitioner to perform an abortion. That is something Planned Parenthood has pushed.

And the bill “removes all restrictions, at all, for any type of abortion at any time for any reason,” the doctor continued.

Dr. Hamada also brought up the fact that the Hippocratic Oath no longer includes some of the terms that restrict doctors to a tighter moral code.

That language was deliberately changed with former president Obama’s Affordable Care Act.


Just as they are doing with people of faith, the Obama administration demanded that doctors abandon the Hippocratic Oath if the State dictates it in accordance with their healthcare governing boards.

Several years ago, Rep. Jim McDermott, a socialist congressman from Washington state, said that all healthcare decisions must be taken out of the hands of doctors and patients and put into the hands of the government. He demonized doctors saying that his 69-year old friend had back pain and the doctor ordered three unnecessary scans for $10,000 as an example of alleged abused by doctors.

Most magnanimously, he added that patients would be given as much information about their healthcare as possible under Obamacare but ultimately the government had to decide because of the costs now that the government is in charge.

The same goes for the murder of unborn late-term babies in New York. It has nothing to do with a woman’s health, but it has everything to do with the State imposing their loosey-goosey morality on doctors, nurses, mothers, and all of us.




In case you don’t know how they will kill these late-term babies, you can listen to this description. After listening, please explain how this is not murder.

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