Extremists Kill Two U.S. Marines, Riots Spread, a Film Used as an Excuse



map of insurgency via the Atlantic Wire

Insurgents are chanting, “Death to Israel” and “Death to America,” but our administration insists the cause of the turmoil in the mid-East and Africa is a dopey film. Hillary Clinton called the film “disgusting” though she admitted not seeing it.

The fighting continues to expand around the mid-East and Africa with relatively small groups of violent insurgents, numbering in the hundreds. It is becoming increasingly more violent and has spread to as far away as Australia. Some of the attacks are very well-orchestrated.

One organized group attacked Camp Leatherneck in the Helmand Province where Prince Harry is stationed in an attempt to capture or kill him. They were able to breach the perimeter of the camp.

British and U.S. troops fought them off but at least two American Marines were killed. Their names have not been released. Unlike when George Bush was president, we will not see their flag-draped coffins nor will we hear protests from Cindy Sheehan, the leftists’ prop. Will anyone care about these two marines as they did about Ambassador Stevens?

In addition to saying the attack was because Prince Harry was there, the Taliban ludicrously blamed the film trailer for The Innocence of Muslims, a film only 10 people have allegedly seen, . Telegraph UK

While the rioters are coordinated and are popping up in more than 21 countries, their numbers seem to remain small. They appear to be comprised mostly of the poorer, least educated Salafis and secular statists.

President Obama’s foreign policy included pushing the freedom fighters in Egypt to include the Brotherhood in their government. Now the Copts and democratic freedom fighters have disappeared and the Brotherhood is running an anti-American dictatorship. Instead of condemning the attacks, Morsi went to Brussels to complain about our first amendment, something which this administration has alluded to since these attacks began on 9/11.

Obama pushed Saleh out of Yemen. Saleh had made a gallant effort to support us despite the almost universal hate the Yemenis feel towards us. Now we have no one supporting us in Yemen.

Tunisia’s Zine El Abidine Ben Ali kept the Tunisian government free of Sharia’h law and the women had equal rights. Obama praised the protesters who were mostly Islamists and condemned President Ben Ali, who has been exiled for 20 years. Tunisia has gone from being the most liberal country in the mid-east to more-and-more restrictive. It is leading the fall of Northern Africa to Islam.

Obama helped install the administration in Libya and they are moderatley friendly to us, but their people are not. Most of the protesters were al-Qaeda and Salafi. Pressing the Libyan President, Mohamed Magariaf, is not going to bring much in the way of results.

Our foreign policy is not reaching the broader populations in the Arab world. We can’t survive without accomplishing that. Ambassador Stevens was one of those gallant warriors who did reach out to the people. There are others like him but theses protests are aimed at ending that and forcing the U.S. to withdraw. A strong U.S. president would be able to calm the situation.

The film is still being held up by the administration as the cause. It’s not the Arab Spring which enabled the Brotherhood and Salafis. It’s not our foreign policy. It’s not even the U.S. The burning U.S. flags and the loud chants spewing hate against America are meaningless to this administration. It’s the movie, they claim.

Jay Carney who is said to be a nice guy should really quit because his press conferences make him look dishonest:

While the film could be a motivational tool, it is certainly not the cause. The cause is a flailing U.S. foreign policy.

It is still unclear who actually made the film.  Early reports from the AP pegged Nakoula Basseley Nakoula to the film. Nakoula was thought to have used the pseudonym Sam Bacile among others, and has an extensive criminal record. Other reports claim the movie was made by Alan Roberts, a man known best for creating softcore porn films.  Chicago Tribune/Entertainment

The FBI has zeroed in on Nakoula.

Nakoula claims he was a logistics manager on the film, not the director. He is on probation and not allowed near the Internet. If he posted the video, he is in violation of his probation. He has been taken in for questioning and released. If this is about a probation violation, it is one thing, but if this is an attempt to shut down free speech, I hope the ACLU will come out and defend him.

Nakoula Taken in for Questioning

The liberal media is going along with the line that the riots were caused by the film trailer and it has become a basis for promoting their other issues.

The LA Times sees risky low budget films and trailers as the result of actors working outside the union. (LA Times)

HuffPo wrote a similar story but used their piece as an opportunity to knock the movie, Act of Valor, by portraying it as a military recruitment film. The HuffPo article ends with this hint at limiting free speech, In the meantime, we should all pay closer attention to who’s projecting their ideas onto our screens — and why. (HuffPo) As if their films aren’t filled with liberal propaganda.

Hollywood.com, ignoring the fact that the attack in Benghazi was planned for months prior to the posting of the trailer in June, believes this shows the power of YouTube, not the weakness of the U.S. administration. They believe the movie caused these riots even though they were clearly the actions of Islamo-fascist terrorists who hate the U.S. (Hollywood.com)

If the terrorists didn’t come up with the trailer, it would have been some other excuse. They are making fools of us and we are allowing it. These attacks are by terrorists who represent the most extreme elements of their society and who see a weak U.S. policy leaving an opening for them to push out U.S. influence in the region.

We are in serious debt and the state of our economy is adding to the dwindling influence of the United States in the world. The administration continues on the spending trajectory without making any effort to slow it down. Bernanke is going to print money at the rate of $40 billion a month so he can buy underwater houses, an approach which has not worked before and will not work now.

Bernanke is being accused of carrying Obama’s water by putting the new stimulus into effect. It is aimed at bolstering the stock market and it helps Obama’s chances for re-election.The economy is problematic but Bernanke could have waited. He is now Obama’s biggest bundler. Romney said he would fire Bernanke, and one could speculate that it encouraged Bernanke’s move, a move which Bernanke originally said he would not make until after the election.




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