Eyewitness at Stoneman Says Deputy Hid Behind Building During Shootings


Brian Entin, a reporter for News 7, interviewed one of the eyewitnesses to the Stoneman shooting – Brandon Huff, 18. Brandon, a senior at the school, said about Deputy Scot Peterson, “He was pointing his gun at nothing.”

Brandon watched as school resource officer, Scot Peterson, hid behind a staircase during the Stoneman Douglas shooting. He was talking on his phone.

He first heard of the shooting from his girlfriend. She was in the Freshman building and texted him to tell him she loved him.



  1. I am still waiting for the Sheriff’s answers on his 3 deputies that were hunkered downed behind vehicles when the coral beach police showed up, and now are questioning why they didn’t go in the school, was there a stand down order? calling Sheriff Israel where are you, release transcripts of all calls in and out of your dept. related to this shooting

  2. Well, it’s been confirmed. We all assumed the Sheriff “knew” before the Townhall his deputy was negligent and the Sheriff has admitted it. That makes all his statements during that Townhall rather suspicious. He didn’t want scrutiny and, to Tapper’s credit, he evidently was grilled on it. Time for him to resign in disgrace.

  3. Wow! such Chutzpah. The Sheriff has actually said, I assume with a straight face, that he gave “amazing leadership”. Well, isn’t that typical since pictures with him and Hillary, Bernie and other leftists have been shown.

  4. Society requires role models, people identified as heroes. Unfortunately, many people do not meet the standard, and in key situations such as this one, the story must be told. That deputy had a job, he was not there to coast and retire. At the most important moment in his career, he failed

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