F-Bomb Dropping Curse-tan Gillibrand Kicks off her Presidential Campaign


Following the obscenity spewing template begun by DNC chairman Tom Perez, New York Senator Kirsten Gillibrand, looking to find favor with the party king/queen maker, dutifully threw her hat in the presidential ring by dropping “f-bombs” while speaking NYU’s Personal Democracy Forum.

Addressing a conference that explores technology’s impact on politics, government and society Ms. Gillibrand said referring to President Trump’s time in the White House, “Has he kept his promises? No. F— no.” She also blabbed, “If we are not helping people, we should go the f— home.”

In the face of years of major electoral losses, for which Democrats have no real policy answers, they’re acting as if the solutions to their problems can be found in Trump bashing; and now reaching out to young people by thinking cursing makes them look “cool”.   One friendly media outlet generously described Gilly’s f— fest as taking on “a bold tone”.

When asked if Gillibrand considered it acceptable to use such language publicly, a spokesperson for her office said: “I think it’s appropriate for a senator to be exactly who they are — Kirsten is going to continue to be exactly who she is and always has been.”

Here’s a very, very brief, look back, fact check on that. When Gillibrand served in the House of Representatives, she was a member the Blue Dog Coalition, which was a caucus of conservative Democrats. While serving in that position Kirsten received a 100% rating from the National Rifle Association. Shortly after being “named” not elected to the US Senate, her position on gun rights became “flexible”.   It wasn’t long before the NRA handed the former congresswoman from a right leaning, upstate NY district an “F” rating. Irony intended.

So, since a “hip talking” foul mouthed woman is the latest image of this opportunistic pol behaving as“exactly who she is and always has been.”; perhaps we can offer a suggestion. Sen. Gilly, simply change your name as effortlessly as you did your position on guns. Make the switch from Kirsten Gillibrand, to “Curse-tan Gillibrand.   The Dem base, what’s left of them, might really like it.



  1. Everyone has said a few foul terms, but not like like Ms Gillibrand just did. Very sad impression for the young and upcoming folks in her party.

  2. Hey, if you lived in the Bronx she’d be a great foul mouthed broad to ride on the back of your Harley when you did a drive by……………………………….

  3. It is sad to realize that these sleaze bags are pushing this country to civil war, and if it does happen I really, really hope that these sleazy politicians and left wing “journalists” will be on the front line, but I seriously doubt it. Sad that so many Americans are following people like those bugs.

  4. Hillary will be very angry if this younger lady starts getting attention. Hillary has recently made herself visible for the purpose of being the frontrunner. Brown, Cuomo, Warren, Biden, … started to make noise so she is concerned.

    This Gillibrand does not have much history. She can try to fake being a moderate and fool voters.

  5. Add an “R” in front of cutsie Curse-tan for her democratic rating!! Add her to the ranks of Maher, Griffin, Behar, and that “comedian” Chelsea Handler (not sure of her name but I don’t care).
    Keep doing what you’re doing! Don’t change! We love you just the way you are!!!!!
    Chucky must be veryproud of his little R rated Curse-tan!!!!

  6. I see at least 14 Democratic candidates running for the President’s job next time; and thankfully they don’t have a Trump.

    • And they would all leave this country in a mess, back into the swamp, supporting every other country with our taxes and riots and college takeovers, and, and, and………………………………..
      You are right they are a bunch of hysterical “done nothin’ s”

  7. Since the Libs have long ago succeeded in coarsening the culture and debasing the English language into a form of Progressive Newspeak, the problem with this vapid waste of space isn’t her foul mouth. In fact, since this HACK never says a word.. or casts a vote… that hasn’t already been approved by her MASTER, Up-Chuck Schumer, it may not even be her fault.

    I mean, after all, who blames the brainless sock-puppet for the words of the ventriloquist?

  8. The sooner we send Cryin’ Chuckie Schumer to federal prison for his numerous crimes the better off this country will be. He is a rattle snake without a rattled, (no warning when he will sink his poisonous fangs into you)

  9. Wow, wouldn’t you like to take this “lady” home and introduce her to your Mom and Dad as your betrothed? She would introduce herself with, “Hey, you are ______’s “F _ _ _ in ‘ ole man and old lady, huh? How “F _ _ _ in’ outrageous! How the “F _ _ k are you?”
    And you would say; Mom and Dad, I know she is a tramp but I think I can change her…….Plus she believes she will be President some day.”

  10. “Say… maybe the next time she runs for office, she should be addressed by the voters in the same manner… after all, if she is so determined to prove how “cool” she is by throwing in a few f-bombs to cover up her total lack of substance, maybe a few should be tossed her way when asking even the most prosaic of questions.
    You know, like, “Hey you F-ing sock puppet, would you approve an F-ing increase in the F-ing Minimum Wage so that all those low-wage F-ers at McDonald’s can make more F-ing money just to throw that S–t dogfood in a paper bag for F-ing $15 a F-ing hour? How did your F-ing MASTER, that phony F-face Schumer, TELL YOU how to answer that, you F-king waste of protoplasm?”
    “Also, can you name me ONE F-ing piece of important Signature Legislation with YOUR Mother-F-ing name on it that you have passed since you have been in that F-ing brothel on the Potomac?”
    Oh boy!!! Now can I go on campus and pander to the Snowflakes so I can make them all quiver over how “with it” and “Edgy” and “contemporary” I am too??!!???!!?”

    • Anthony, good job, love it, she would make a good helper on a cesspool pumping truck, but that’s about it.
      Hope someone takes her down.
      If she put her hand on the handle of a door, I would disinfect the handle before I touched it.
      More scum for the dems……………………………….
      Are the Dems as rough on the battlefield?

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