Fishing for Pigeons in the Socialist Paradise of Venezuela Where Food Is the Rarest Commodity


Venezuela, the nation with the world’s largest proven oil reserves is running out of fuel, along with medicine and food. Food is the rarest commodity in the socialist paradise of Venezuela, but there are always pigeons and trash.

Sean Penn and Joe Kennedy Jr should go down there and do some PR as they did with Chavez. In fact, why doesn’t Bernie talk about how great their socialist country is?

The people fish for pigeons to eat when they’re not rummaging through trash.

Venezuela now imports everything. They ran farmers out of business and stole their land. Leaning left for decades devolved and by mid-century, half the population was on the dole. The people were ripe for a total socialist takeover in a country now exceeded in poverty only by Cuba and North Korea.

Fishing for trash

There’s a shortage of bread. Bakers who make brownies or croissants instead of price-controlled bread are arrested and their establishments seized.

In order to comply with the rationing imposed by Maduro, 90% of all flour provided to bakeries by the government must be used to make bread, which can then only be sold at artificially capped prices.

Unsurprisingly, that led to shortages. Five of the 12 wheat mills that employed 12,000 people have closed, leaving a remaining 8,000 employed in the other mills. Bakers said people have no idea how hard it is for bakers to get wheat.

Over the decades, the poor were bought with public housing and other subsidies like cheap bus fares that they were made to believe were human rights.

Foreign investment was put under stringent controls and this is a country that now has to import everything. They penalized domestic production and manufacturing.

In order to keep the system going, they had to redistribute the wealth except that of the crony super-rich.

Adding to the leftist politics was the inadequate and biased educational system, heavy regulations, an out-of-control bureaucracy, and crony super wealthy class of corrupt people, many of whom are drug dealers.

Mr. Herrara’s 25-year old son was eaten alive.

Prisons are the worst sort of hellholes. In one case, a father claimed his son was eaten by a cannibal in prison, a cannibal who forced other prisoners to join in. It took place during a month-long mutiny at the prison which the father says the government did nothing about.

“My son and two others were taken by 40 people, stabbed, hanged to bleed, and then … butchered … to feed all detainees,” Juan Carlos Herrera told reporters in October. Herrera, whose 25-year-old son had been serving time for robbery in a Caracas prison, said the inmate who informed him of this incident “told me that he was beaten with a hammer to force him to eat the remains of the two boys.

“Prisoners have been dismembered before and some inmates have forced other prisoners [to] eat their [own] fingers. That happened in a detention center in El Tigre,” Humberto Prado, coordinator of the Venezuelan Prison Observatory, told Fox News Latino. “But inmates die not only from that [kind of violence], there are many prisoners who die of hepatitis, cirrhosis or famine.”

Starving families are giving their children away in desperation. Children and infants are being found in boxes and bags on the street. Mothers giving birth leave the hospitals without their babies in some cases.

Children without medicine.

Hospitals are dangerous places. “On a recent day at the University Hospital of Maracaibo, in Venezuela’s second-largest city, patients lay on bare beds in rooms with dirty floors. There was no running water, medicine, cleaning supplies or food. Feces floated in the toilets. Medical staffers there said gang members roam the halls, forcing underpaid and harassed doctors to lock themselves in the offices to avoid assaults,” the Wall Street Journal reports.

In some hospitals, patients grow much worse and even die.

“Some come here healthy, and they leave dead,” emergency-room physician Dr. Leandro Perez told the Times.

The rate of death among infants under a month old has grown a hundred-fold. The mothers are dying in record numbers also.

They’re sitting on a wealth of oil but they can’t get antibiotics.

Congress voted to accept foreign aid but Maduro wouldn’t allow it until this week. Maduro is now begging the UN for medicine and supplies and has declared a humanitarian crisis. Most feel the appeal is not legitimate and that Maduro is trying to distract the OAS from the upcoming vote to invoke the so-called ‘Democratic Charter’ against Venezuela for its human rights abuses. Bolivia has joined forces with Venezuela in the ridiculous dictators’ club known as the UN.

As Venezuela pleads – allegedly pleads – for help, their military is marching on to Colombian territory unimpeded and they remain Hezbollah’s link to America.

The Bolivarian government has delivered Venezuelan documentation to hundreds of Middle Eastern citizens linked to the terrorist organization. The financial network between Chavismo and Islamic extremism.

A study by the Center for a Free and Secure Society (SFS) reveals that at least 173 citizens of the Middle East were detected carrying Venezuelan identity documents. According to a report by a US organization, Venezuela became a “springboard” for these people – linked with the terrorist group Hezbollah – who seek to enter the United States.

Venezuela is also a narco-nation with men and women in the highest levels of government working closely with cartels and terrorists to sell drugs, many of which to to the U.S.

Maduro has fixed it so they only way to get rid of him is through force.

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