Facebook Bans Our Article About a Mayor Breaking the Law, Calls It Hate

Fascist Zuckerberg

The Sentinel posted a short article about Mayor Garcetti helping illegal aliens. We included information about Pelosi’s meaningless resolution claiming Trump is a xenophobe or racist or something. You can view the article on this link.

We aren’t sure why it’s hate speech, but attacks on “national origin” are not allowed. We think the words “illegal” and “aliens” are banned as hate speech when it concerns their protected class of illegal aliens, even if they are criminals. They equate that with national origin, it seems. That’s our best guess.

Their rules are so vague and all-encompassing that they are bulletproof.

We asked for a review and it is the first time they have allowed us the opportunity for a review.

Anything that concerns illegal foreigners in a less than laudatory manner is in danger of being called ‘hate speech’.

The censors are all people of the very far left and a lot of funding for this comes from George Soros. The media involved in censoring doesn’t want alternative media and they are biased.

The only reason we still bother with Facebook is to report on them.

This banning means no one will see the article on Capitalism and few will see any of our articles. The page has 930,000 likes and 839,000 followers but few can see the page.




  1. Congratulations, when you get banned by Facebook for political statements, you’re on the right/moral side of history. Keep up the good work. BTW, I have a bookmarks folder on my PC labeled NEWS. Independent Sentinel is second on my list, Drudge Report is first, you, then Breitbart, Wiesel Zippers, Fox, WND, and others. For such a time as we have now found ourselves in, I take my news seriously.

    • I also have a folder labeled News, and with the same sites bookmarked (and many more). Check out Whatfinger News. It’s an aggregator like Drudge, but with many times more headlines linked, and definitely more conservative than Matt.

  2. Using a thesaurus, an illegal alien/criminal – or the act of breaking our law(s) – can be described in various ways. I don’t use social media, but I suggest taxing their algorithms to the max by using the broad leverage that the English language provides. Force them to eventually censor or ban every meaningful, descriptive word in the dictionary. Essentially, make them hang themselves. What is “social media” without language? They need to be shown how the bizarre nature of their oversensitive PC world will destroy their business.

  3. What’s the point? No one ever does anything about any criminal activity. Obama just made it up as he went along and to hell with the law. Trump doesn’t even enforce the law. Barr is slow walking us. That’s a sure sign of a sell out. There hasn’t been a damn bit of accountability. You can’t swing a dead cat and not hit a felony by some government offical anywhere in the nation and yet Trump hasn’t done a damn thing, not one arrest, three years in. Facts are facts. Trump is full of schit. Brown shirts are running wild. America is betrayed again. We are lost.

    • Considering the absolutely stunning scope of thoroughly corrupted (D)elusional (D)ems, Intel agencies – domestic and foreign, unethical Drive-By Media, RINOS and NeverTrumps involved in the coup attempt (and the ongoing cover up) against candidate and POTUS Trump (and others within his campaign), it is truly amazing that he has been able to accomplish anything at all during his relatively brief time in office.
      On a daily basis POTUS Trump must deal with the same (D)elusional (D)ems, unethical and partisan Drive-By Media, activist judges, lobbyists, RINOs and NeverTrumps to move the America First position forward. His efforts at appointing lower courts judgeships and SCOTUS Justices are overlooked, but have already begun to pay off.
      If you can’t understand, or at least acknowledge his successes for what they are in the face of the untenable political barriers he has to deal with every day, perhaps your support of him was never as strong as you would have people believe.

  4. Some Conservatives have suggested leaving FB or other Left Social Medias. To what end and LETTING THEM win? In order to exercise our free speech right, we all have to push back constantly or THEY win.

  5. The Left know that Screaming “racist” makes folks stop saying what they’re saying if it’s something the Left doesn’t want said. That’s enough reason, to me, to make sure to KEEP saying it…

    • Which is insane! Why enable their ruse, play their fixed game? Why permit them to entrap and silence us with such cynical tactics. The remedy is to NOT PLAY THE GAME. Turn it around on them, the race-baiters and, yes, the real racists and Alinskyite Fascists. Hit ’em hard and relentlessly with pejoratives which are both accurate and appropriate. Keep them teetering on their heels. Shut ’em down.

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