Facebook Bought a Company That Verifies Government IDs Using Biometrics, Facial Recognition


Facebook has acquired Confirm.io, a startup that verified government-issued identification for third-party businesses. In addition to ID cards, Confirm.io’s service also handled biometrics and facial recognition data.

Facebook shared this statement with a number of outlets: “We are excited to welcome the Confirm team to Facebook. Their technology and expertise will support our ongoing efforts to keep our community safe.”

No one knows what they plan to do with this service.

A company that verifies Government IDs melds with a company with a monopoly on social media that only likes left-wing people. That’s some dream team.

How can you not be excited?

That’s the most extreme view of course. They might use it to confirm peoples’ identity and they exchange a lot of money over their pages.

Those Russian trolls are probably going to be out of business! Yay! Adam Schiff will be able to sleep at night.

What happens, however, when biometric government IDs are a requirement as the cost of doing business?

It’s the wave of future.

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