Facebook Censors Accurate Story About a Woman and a Confederate Flag


The Sentinel posted an article on Facebook Wednesday about a woman ripping down a Confederate flag tag from a truck in Charleston, South Carolina. When the owner of the truck saw what she did, he ran out of a grocery store to take down her plate number.

In anger she backed the car into him and took off, leaving him screaming in the parking lot. When she was caught, she said she accidentally hit him. The vandalism charge does stick as does her leaving the scene of an accident.

Facebook didn’t like it and left us in the position of having to remove it.

We did refer to her as a crazy, deranged lib. While that was not PC and a bit rude, it was an accurate story. It’s not fake news.

This was their comment about it being a “negative experience” for people:

The left actively reports as part of their censorship mantra.

Read the article on this link.

The right-wing is being censored

Recently, we heard Facebook is hiring thousands to screen posts and videos.

Do you know what kinds of posts and pages aren’t taken down? Well, one that isn’t being removed is the Kill Trump page.

The Alexandria shooter of Rep. Scalise and others, James T. Hodgkinson, was a member of the Facebook group, “The Road to Hell Is Paved with Republicans”. That’s still up. In fact, there’s two of them now. “Terminate the Republican Party” with its 15,000 members is still up. Hodgkinson was a member of that group also.

We understand that private corporations run by liberals can do anything they want and free speech is not an issue. But what do you think about this?

While liberals are rewriting history, they are also censoring. They own the media, social media, entertainment, the schools. Progressives have won the culture war even with Donald Trump in office. We are a post-constitutional society.


Robert E. Lee’s statue was removed  from a New Orleans square because it offended people. Robert E. Lee was opposed to slavery and never owned a slave. He was a believer in states’ rights. This is why he fought on the side of the South. That and the fact that he was from Virginia, guided him, not slavery.

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John Haire
John Haire
6 years ago

GOP The Libs do it all the F-ing time dumb nuts. They are full of monikers stupid descriptions and plain lies. No surprise face book does nothing about them. Its in CA with the real fagots. And its a baby and cant take bad names booo hoooo

6 years ago

Facebook is full of crap. Censoring the truth and now Zuckerberg wants Facebook to take the place of church. Wth???? The freaking Progressives are full of themselves.