Facebook Cupcakes Are Outraged Exec Attended Kavanaugh’s Hearing


Joel is the very visible man in the back.

Facebook has admitted it “made mistakes” after a top executive was seen attending Judge Brett Kavanaugh’s congressional hearing, reportedly causing outrage from cupcake employees. The executive is friend of Kavanaugh’s!

Some people are outraged about everything. They’re never happy and everything that doesn’t go their way is cause for hand-wringing or even riots.

It’s not as if Joel Kaplan was out protesting for him. He was there as a friend.


Joel Kaplan, the head of global policy at Facebook, is a long-time friend of Judge Kavanaugh. He attended the hearing, sitting behind him as he testified. Kavanaugh was defending himself against incredible Blasey-Ford’s allegations of sexual assault 36 years ago.

The “leadership team recognizes that they’ve made mistakes handling the events of the last week.”

Media, always ready to stir up trouble, indicated that employees were outraged over Kaplan appearing to support the Judge.

Apparently, the Statinists don’t allow employees of corporations to attend a hearing in support of a friend of many years.

Employees raised concerns with CEO Mark Zuckerberg during his weekly question-and-answer session last Friday, the Wall Street Journal reported. They didn’t like the appearance of Kaplan supporting Kavanaugh. They ignored the fact that this man is a friend and Kaplan has a personal life. In fact, he knows Kavanaugh and knows his character.

“Sexual assault is an issue society has turned a blind eye to for far too long — compounding every victim’s pain. Our leadership team recognizes that they’ve made mistakes handling the events of the last week and we’re grateful for all the feedback from our employees,” Facebook told CNBC in a statement on Thursday.

That’s true but that doesn’t mean we believe every woman who comes forward, and certainly not without evidence for a 36-year old crime.

These cupcakes are illogical and have no regard for freedom.


The WSJ reported that a town hall meeting is scheduled with Zuckerberg and Chief Operating Officer Sheryl Sandberg to address the issues.

That’s ridiculous, especially given the fact that Mrs. Ford was not all that credible.

Do all these people honestly believe that Catholic school boys were running a gang-rape operation in the 1980s? Come on.

Facebook even censors their own people — what chance do the little guys have?

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