Facebook, Google to Censor French News During Election


Marine la Pen is running for President of France so Facebook and Google will censor French so-called fake news. Social media companies Facebook, Google and a group of news organizations launched an initiative on Monday to tackle fake news stories in France, with the media in the spotlight as the country’s presidential election approaches.

Reuters reports Facebook will work with several leading French news organizations, including Agence France-Presse, BFM TV, and newspapers L’Express and Le Monde to ensure that false news items were not published on its platform.

Google also said it was part of the initiative, dubbed “Cross Check” by the partners.

They don’t want France to have their own version of President Trump. La Pen wants to stop the unbridled immigration of refugees. She also wants to break up the EU and make France great again.

Facebook was criticized during the 2016 U.S. for allowing publication of so-called fake news which Democrats believe hurt Hillary Clinton. Their response is to censor what people post.

Also from Reuters:

In the United States, Facebook has said users would in future find it easier to flag fake articles as a hoax, and added that it will work with organizations such as fact-checking website Snopes, ABC News and the Associated Press to check the authenticity of stories.

Last month, Facebook also set up an initiative against fake news in Germany, where government officials had expressed concerns that false stories and hate speech online could influence a parliamentary election in September in which chancellor Angela Merkel will seek a fourth term in office.

The censors they’ve picked are left-wing loons. Facebook is even working with a Soros group in the U.S.

Facebook’s fact checkers include an embezzler, a porn actress, a ‘domme’, and a pot smoking escort.

One of the fact-checking websites is Snopes which was run by the Mikkelson’s from their pre-fab home in which they had a bedroom for their four cats and pet rats. They are now divorced but are still running the show.

Their letterhead sports a nonexistent society. Their site is being called “essential resources” and their work, which is biased as hell is being called “painstaking, scholarly and reliable”.

It’s reliably left.

David Mikkelson remarried to Eyssa Young who is employed by Snopes as an administrator. She has worked as an escort and porn actress. She ran as a Libertarian for Congress on the “Dump Bush” platform but she is nonpolitical allegedly.

The main fact-checker, Kimberly LaCapria has a blog, “ViceVixen” and she says she is in touch with her “domme side” and posts on Snopes while smoking pot. In March 2015, she worked as an escort.

ABC News, published fake news during the election and after.

Last May, ABC News was caught lying about Donald Trump smashing barricades. They backed up the “Hands Up Don’t Shoot Lie” among other fake news stories. ABC was Hillary’s cheerleaders.

The Associated Press also posts fake news unabashedly. Last year, they posted a fake news story about the electric grid being attacked by Russians. They did it to support the Democrat Party’s falsified story about Russians hacking the election.

There are 17 media partners and notoriously left-wing journalism students will help.

Cartoon courtesy Net Right Daily

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