Facebook Is Silencing The Sentinel


Facebook has silenced the Sentinel and a number of other authors who post on ‘Capitalism Is Freedom’. There are more than 850 thousand followers on the page, but they don’t get to see the page and many have difficulty even finding it.

We don’t know what the next step will be. If people could share articles they like, it would help.

Mark Zuckerberg is a liar and has every intention of shutting down the right-wing on his platform. He told Rep. Marsha Blackburn during the House hearing that he considers himself a form of a ‘government’ and will have AI within five to ten years to censor ‘hate speech’.

‘Hate speech’ is defined by him only from his worldview.

He admits that Silicon Valley is filled with “extremely left-leaning” people. They aren’t left-leaning, they are Marxists, Stalinists, Communists, Democratic Socialists and they are all the same people.

We are engaged in a Civil War with one side fighting.



  1. Please do keep the emails coming. I promote your site and forward links to your articles on a regular basis. I often post them on my favorite political talk forum. Though it is the most lenient I have found regarding freedom of speech, it is moderated and the bell shaped curve is alive and well in regard to the political leanings of the moderators. Nothing can be done about political manipulation by those in control of privately owned social media….except to boycott them.

    I have ceased using Facebook….and Twitter. They are both despicable, biased entities. Zuckerberg SUCKS!

    • Thank you for your support! I really appreciate it very much. It is unfortunate I built up the site on Facebook -they are truly censoring all of the right wing.

  2. I, too, have been sharing and posting your informative articles. .We only have conservative bloggers like you, talk radio and Fox news to get out the truth. They have CNN, MSNBC, ABC, CBS , NPR , NY TIMES, left wing organizations, etc., and we still won the 2016 election, and half the country is on our side. .You and the others must be doing something right. .Thank you!

    • They cut my reach on Facebook and I lost at least 10,000 readers a day. I have been hidden.

      Thank you for sharing -it could make a difference.

  3. Congress had a love fest with Zuck, what a show. It’s all about being anti-Trump. They brought up the Russian interference, as if Zuck is an expert on it. They want creeping censorship.

  4. Nothing creeping about it, they are in full-blown censorship. Every time Zuckerberg was questioned about them silencing conservatives he started talking about terrorists. In Zuckerberg‘s mind along with all the Democrats and the left, we are terrorists.
    I am trying out the site MeWe And so far, it is a winner. Frankly, I think we should all end participation with Facebook. And by end, I mean remove all traces of us on Facebook let them continue to just talk to each other.
    For the time being, I will continue participating on Twitter only because I have found it to be a great source of information. At least until another, better replacement site is established.

  5. I will continue to share this site and it’s fact based, ground breaking articles at every opportunity. For years Sara has been offering “scoops” to her readers well before those same stories appear almost anywhere else.
    We’ve got to fight the Left’s Stalinist type censorship of conservative thought.

    • Thank you very much Bev. We will keep going for now.

      I have lost about 95% of my readership and I am not sure where I will go from here.

  6. I came to this site via a link from Badblue. Drudge is okay but most of his links are the corporate media. It could be worthwhile for an aggregate site that links the many alternative sources. Virtually everyone has links for Twitter, Facebook etc. Why not have a “share site” that all these comparable sites can link with and along with the typical four there is the fifth, Conservative Alternative.

    • I really like that idea. One problem is some of these sites print any garbage to get clicks – just like the mainstream! I will see what it would take to write the program. It is a great idea. I kept the list of right-wing and moderate websites so that’s not the problem — getting people to scan them might be.

  7. A few days ago, I opened an account on MeWe.com. It will take a while to get folks to change. No tracking, no ads, no targeting. I post some of your stuff by copying from the browser window and pasting it.

    I am not technically savvy enough to know if it is something that can used by you. I am weaning myself and hopefully others from the FB, Google scam.

    • I just signed up – have no friends but I will give it a try. I was very concerned about the hearing with Zuck, not over the privacy issue, because I read the terms and knew the score. When he said he’s like the government and will have AI to censor ‘hate speech’, it blew my mind. For me, the Constitution is like a bible for the government. He’s trespassing. I went from 2 mn users a month to 1,000 last night. Some people will seek me out and it will pick up but unfortunately, since I don’t go on TV or the radio, I need to share on some venue.

  8. The independent sentinel simply bypasses the irrelevant and cuts to the chase. By going to The IS Every day tells me all I need to know of what is transpiring.
    While sites that rate other sites put The IS as right leaning, the one thing the CAN NOT claim, that Ms Nobel deals in falsehoods. Accurate and vital reading to us.
    I frankly, rarely ever use FB and certainly never use it as a news source. I do, however, put IS articles on Twitter with great frequency. Will appeal to Twitter followers to support The IS, see if that helps.
    Am also trying MeWe, so far it is very good. Still think we should all remove ourselves completely from Facebook, let them just talk among themselves in their own demented echo chamber

    • I like it too. Will have to see how it goes. I didn’t like gab.ai – was confusing and too many nuts on it. lol

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