Facebook Prepares for 2020 with Pathetic New Censorship Rules


The Facebook progress report of its Civil Rights Audit is in. It’s an intense plan for more censorship by dozens of far-left actors.

The report attempts to sound scientific but objectifying the subjective cannot ever be scientific.

The report zeros in on all these alleged white nationalists running around the country. It ignores black nationalists, Puerto Rican separatists. In fact, Facebook just took Louis Farrakhan back onto the Facebook platform. None of the conservatives will be allowed back.

While Facebook banned support, praise, or representation of “white nationalism,”  the auditors believe it’s too narrow. They recommend Facebook ban content that supports, praises or represents white nationalist ideology even if the terms white nationalism or white separatism aren’t used.

What in the world is white nationalist ideology? Apparently, it’s anything they say it is.

How many of us have ever even met a white supremacist?


The auditors are glad Facebook is specializing in hate speech which also can mean anything.

The hate speech policy is absurd. Central Americans and Middle Easterners are protected in particular and one must wonder if that means anything concerning illegal immigrants or radical Islamists will be banned. The policy even bans humor if it in any way falls under their vague definition of hate speech.

Here’s a sample of how they want humor censored:

Humor: Facebook’s hate speech policy currently contains an exception for humor. However, what qualifies as humor is not standard, objective, or clearly defined; what one user (or content reviewer) may find humorous may be perceived as a hateful, personal attack by another. Nor does labeling something as a joke or accompanying it with an emoji make it any less offensive or harmful. Because of the inability to precisely define and consistently identify a subjective and amorphous category like humor, identifying humor as an exception to Facebook’s hate speech policy likely contributes to enforcement inconsistencies and runs the risk of allowing the exception to swallow the rule.

The Audit Team recommends that Facebook remove humor as an exception to the hate speech policy (and ensure that any future humor-related carve-outs are limited and precisely and objectively defined).

They are most certainly going after memes. Humor is dead under the weird, humorless hard-left.

They don’t want activists or journalists, aka leftists, harassed either. That is specifically addressed.

The auditors want Facebook to focus on the census. That’s where illegal aliens are counted for the purpose of House seats and funding. Justice Roberts, an apparent closet leftist, just ruled that the citizenship question could not be included on the census. The President has to get the census printed and it is now too late to fight it further. It’s very important to the hard-left.

They have numerous ideas for further restrictions on advertising.

Facebook will also fight voter suppression. [The only voter suppression will be of the right.] Facebook plans to make certain “to partner with civil rights organizations, federal and state lawmakers and agencies, voting rights experts, academics and researchers, we believe more than ever that Facebook can empower the voiceless, strengthen our democracies, and ultimately help create a more connected and civically engaged world.”

They are all people from the hard-left and we are not a democracy, we are a Republic.

You will not be surprised to know they are working on the election interference:

Facebook has a full-time dedicated team focused exclusively on the U.S. 2020 elections, including product, engineering, threat intelligence, data science, policy, legal, operations, and other support. This team includes a dedicated U.S.-focused project manager, who is charged with leading the U.S. election work across the company and will ensure all these functions are integrated. Together this team will execute on Facebook’s work to prevent interference in the 2020 U.S. presidential election cycle.

The only election interference they are concerned about is interference in the Democratic presidential candidate’s success. Every single one of those fools is running to the left of Barack Obama.


Brent Bozell at Media Research Center pointed out that all the people making these recommendations are far-left and he issued a statement on behalf of the Free Speech Alliance, a coalition of more than 50 conservative organizations, committed to combating online bias and censorship:

“Sheryl Sandberg [Facebook CEO] just announced that she is allowing the ACLU and 90 left-wing organizations to dictate nearly every aspect of Facebook’s policies. This will let the left dominate the most powerful social media platform on the face of the earth. That raises significant legal and statutory issues that should worry both left and right.

“Facebook hasn’t released the names of these groups, but the crux of their plans is clear – the influence of everything Facebook does from hiring more liberals to control of all content. That goes so far as to include advertising, partnerships and control of the product itself. Now these left-wing groups have the power over every post a conservative makes. Facebook can’t be a free marketplace of ideas with the left controlling everything and the firm’s No. 2 overseeing and embracing all they are doing.

“The company getting in bed with these liberal organizations – especially in its efforts to prepare for the 2020 elections – should be deeply alarming to the conservative movement, Congress, potentially the FEC, and indeed all Americans. This was a big mistake on Facebook’s part. We hope they will rethink the decisions they have made.”

It’s hopeless. Zuckerberg and the executives on Facebook are the hard-left.

All of the social media and Google have every intention of influencing the election.

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herbert r richmond
herbert r richmond
4 years ago

This is their final launch towards complete domination of this nation via Totalitarianism in communications and elections for all generations into the future.