Facebook Seeks Help of Conservatives They Censor

This is rich. conservatives and Libertarians are being shadow-banned on Twitter, hidden by Google, and buried by Facebook. This website is one of the many victims and, like the rest, we have been supportive of Donald Trump.  Facebook is now seeking the help of Conservatives.

The Gateway Pundit did some research which you can check out here. It clearly shows bias.

Facebook now wants conservatives to help him fight privacy rules.

CEO and Chairman Mark Zuckerberg wants assistance from mysterious conservatives against EU-style regulations.

The European Union is preparing to enforce strict new privacy rules that take effect in late May. Among other things, the EU’s rules allow regulators to impose fines as high as 4 percent of a company’s global revenues for serious violations.

We agree it’s absurd but how does he ask the help of the people he is keeping from getting viewership? Why would they help him?

Facebook emailed an invitation to conservative and libertarian groups last week to sit down and discuss policy. Far-left Politico obtained the email. It is not known who received the emails.

Conservatives don’t agree with government top-down mandates on private companies.

“I know it’s not lost on anyone in the free market community that with GDPR on the way in Europe and the rapidly changing discussions here in Washington, there’s an increased chance Washington will rush to regulate, with privacy concerns at the top of the radar,” Lori Moylan, a Facebook public policy manager who acts as a liaison to conservative groups, wrote in the email.

“It would be incredibly helpful for our privacy team to hear from you — we’d love to talk through any ideas/advice you have and run our thinking by you as well,” she added. She invited recipients to an off-the-record session later this month at the company’s offices in Washington.



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