Facebook Whitewashes History By Banning a Neutral News Service



Facebook won’t even allow history. They recently shut down normal history channels because they talked about Adolf Hitler [not positively at all].

Facebook banned the neutral news service displaying this photo which was used only for historical purposes. It shows the irony of KKK hatemongers enjoying a child’s ride, a Ferris Wheel. It’s downright scary.

That news came to me in an email from Ken LaCorte, a former Fox News executive, who started his own neutral news service, LaCorte News. This is the email:

Facebook whitewashes the past

by Ken LaCorte

“I’ve been censored!”

It’s a complaint we hear frequently these days, and it’s often difficult to know who’s really being suppressed and who’s crying, victim.

It’s clearly getting worse, though. The above photo was taken down by Facebook, which also banned my personal account banned for a week for having posted it.

I’d upload the picture in 2017 on a Facebook page we run featuring historical images. The page is followed by over 270,000 people and people seem to enjoy seeing glimpses of the past.

This image tells a lot about our history and the popularity of the KKK in 1926, when the group had millions of members nationwide, including the governor of Colorado, where the picture was taken. [Democrats, by the way]

At first, I assumed it got caught up by computers banning anything related to the KKK, but despite my appeal to Facebook, the bans stand.

Facebook has the right to remove any content on its platform, but we’re entering a period where our interactions, which now heavily occur via Facebook, Twitter, Google and the like, are clamping down on “acceptable” speech.

Sometimes those clampdowns seem reasonable but instances like this should give us pause as to what the digital gatekeepers will allow, deny or even erase from history.

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2 years ago

I watched the Congressional hearings last week on C-Span with the social media execs. Of course (this was the House) most of the Dem reps sucked up to them but one rep from NY (I think it was Max Rose a rare Dem vet with combat in the Afghan war) held up his smart phone with the page for Al Queda of the Arabian Peninsula loaded on it. They censor US conservatives but leave actual terrorists alone!

The brattish punks that Facebook hires to make these decisions are mostly near-idiot savants who don’t know anything outside of their tech manipulations. They are the product of several generations of insane clown posses in charge of education in general and the colleges in particular.

2 years ago

Next they’ll ban the Nuremberg trials. As much as I despised the Skokie court case at the time it showed how little support the neo-Nazis had. The aftermath had their numbers dwindle to the point of obscurity. The Tech companies actually give these groups More support. Those who may agree in some small way will gravitate To those groups and become More indoctrinated to their ways because there will be no one to counter the arguments. This is the same technique that the Waqf is doing to Har HaBayit (Temple Mount) in removing all semblance of a Jewish historical presence.

Rosario Sollazzi
Rosario Sollazzi
2 years ago


John Vieira
John Vieira
2 years ago

“1984”!!! Do not think we have seen anything yet…Computers were not in Orwell’s sphere. The “Ministry” had to gather the paper and issue “new” paper…these bastards just erase and superimpose…in seconds…and the memory challenged ignoramuses ( termed “millennials”) would never notice a damn thing…they do not notice it when the current bozos do it. Aside: It is interesting that the powers that be claim that there is no connection between the sharp rise in autism 1/5000+ to currently 1/38 and vaccinations…yet there is NO mention anywhere of ANYONE even trying to find THE reason for the catastrophic increase…and also they are wont to REFUSE unvaccinated children to attend schools…in other words they ARE admitting that their mercury/aluminium concoctions filtered through the brains of mice do NOT work…and the retards in the mainstream corrupted sold out media parrot this crap as “gospel”….AND social media censors ANY mention of ANYTHING that questions their garbage rhetoric…