Facebook’s “Trending” News to Guarantee Americans Only See Mainstream Fake News


Attention sheeple! New algorithm

Facebook has a new algorithm for trending topics that might guarantee only mainstream fake news will get up there. We’ll have to wait and see.

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg said in 2013 that he intended “to give everybody in the world their very own personalized newspaper”.

Then Pew found in May that 66% of American Facebook users and 44% of all US adults got their news off the site. Only Fox and CNN did better during the election cycle.

Facebook is changing to meet the calls of the left!

Morphed photo, we don’t want to be accused of fake news dissemination.

Facebook has a new message. “Trending” will no longer be personalized.

Facebook announced three changes to the trending section.

  1. An article headline and publisher name will now appear below each trending topic.
  2. The new Fakebook will factor into its algorithm the number of news sites publishing about a topic, making it tougher for a single viral post to appear there.
  3. Everyone in the same region will now see the same topics. No more personal interests!

It might work, but the problem, aside from losing personalization, is a lot of the repetitive news from the copycat media leaves out important issues. One way to get them to notice is to have alternative media publish obscure but important news or even news that corrects their lies. Perhaps alternative media will make the cut.

If not, you will be sheeple!



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