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The full SOTU video without the applause and standing ovations will be posted later. I want to post it without the fawning because he is not a King after all.

The President’s speech last night clearly described his spread-the-wealth, social justice, statist, big government, flat-out socialist agenda. Ironically, he sardonically called for an end to manufactured crises, all of which he has created. His latest is sequester.

The balance and investments he talks about are taxes.

He is not working with the government we have, but rather the socialist government he wants.

Some key points from the SOTU:

  • He is going to force cap & trade via executive order if the Congress does not do as he demands. The Constitution be damned.
  • He has taken entitlement reform off the table.
  • The President said we do not have a spending problem and he asked for billions more in spending, falsely claiming it will not add to the deficit. We have heard this before. Remember when adding 32 million to “free” healthcare would save money?
  • He wants billions to fix 100 bridges which he promised to do with the Stimulus.
  • He wants to give free early childhood education to every child. Where will the money come for this with a $16 trillion dollar deficit?
  • We operate on spending bills – continuing resolutions – we have not had a budget in 1385 days in violation of our own federal law.
  • The President will allow sequester to go through. It was President Obama who insisted that sequester be included in the last spending bill. Secretary Panetta has said it will devastate our military. It is another opportunity for the President to attack the Republicans and get defense cuts he actually wants.
  • Obama said he will cut our nuclear weapons again. It is expected he will cut another 30% for now. He wants an 80% cut in the next four years, leaving us relatively defenseless but that’s equal justice to him.
  • Obama wants to spend more with taxes on the rich increased after raising taxes by hundreds of billions of dollars only months ago. He engaged in serious class warfare last night.

This is what the WaPo has to say about discrepancies in the President’s speech:

The President said he created six million jobs.

There has been a gain of six million jobs since 2/2010 but, in the last four years, 1.2 million jobs have been created and there are 3.2 million fewer jobs than when the recession began in 12/2007.

The President’s claim that we buy less foreign oil in the last twenty years lacks the context and gives a false impression. 

“The Energy Department has cited a host of reasons why foreign oil imports have declined,” but the main reason is the contraction in use because of the poor economy and improvements in efficiency which all began in 2006 when Obama was not in office.

The President said he would achieve the same health care savings in Medicare as was proposed by the Simpson-Bowles commission.

The President’s budget would save that amount or more by 2022. The CBO estimates it will be about $150 billion less than Simpson-Bowles would have been from 2013 to 2022. By 2022, both would have the same savings of only $68 billion while we have deficit spending of a trillion dollars per year. [There is no way to guarantee that a Congress in 2022 or even one after 2016 will abide by this. We are counting on cuts that might happen in the future]

The President claimed that every dollar invested put $140 back into the economy.

It came from one 2011 study which relies on indirect or induced impacts.

He said that manufacturers have added about 500,000 jobs over the past three years.

In reality, the gain is an improvement over an abysmal low. Manufacturing jobs are still 600,000 fewer than when he took office and 1.8 million fewer than when the recession began in 12/2007. The gains occurred after 1/2010.

He wants Congress to pass the Paycheck Fairness Act so women will earn a living equal to their efforts.

The gap is actually 14 cents less on every dollar, it excludes salaried workers and only includes hourly wage employees – women also work fewer hours. The President ignored women’s life choices.

Marco Rubio on CBS this morning:

via GOP.Gov/Sotu/, the GOP’s new site to check up on the President.

via Gop.gov/SOTU/
via Gop.gov/SOTU/

Full video of Marco Rubio’s response to the SOTU:

via The Daily Beast

Full video of Rand Paul’s response:

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