Failed Actress Lindsey Lohan Claims She Was Profiled for Wearing a Headscarf


Today’s fake news story comes via Lindsey Lohan.  Lindsey Lohan claims she was profiled for wearing a headscarf at a UK airport.

She explained that while flying into New York recently, she was stopped in the UK because of her headscarf and was double-checked by security. Lohan doesn’t always wear one, but said she happened to don one out of “personal respect” while leaving Turkey, where she had met with crazy as a fruitcake President Recep Tayyip Erdogan.  

Her experience was “jarring” and she was “scared”, she said.

Lohan is now the radical left’s new useful idiot.

“What scared me was, in that moment, how would another woman who does not feel comfortable enough taking off her headscarf, feel? That was really interesting to me,” Lohan said. “I was a little intimidated.”

Lohan didn’t follow the tradition of joining the Scientology cult and went full-cult to the left-wing version of Islam.

Four months ago, she said Americans “crucified her” for reading the Quran and treated her like “Satan”.

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