Failed FBI Motto: Fidelity Bravery Integrity  


by Linda Goudsmit

In a staggering admission of ongoing partisan protectionism the FBI just announced there was not enough “public interest” to release the information requested to further investigate Hillary’s unsecured basement email server.

The FBI has denied NY attorney Ty Clevenger his FOIA request for Hillary Clinton’s documents due to “lack of public interest.” Now that is a new one!

Mr. Clevenger recently received an asinine explanation from FBI records management section chief David Hardy saying, “You have not sufficiently demonstrated that the public’s interest in disclosure outweighs personal privacy interests of the subject.” The stunning arrogance of this FBI response is rivaled only by former FBI director Comey’s recommendation against prosecuting Hillary after publicly articulating the powerful case for proceeding with prosecution.

The corrupt politicized FBI is still protecting Hillary. Now that is an old one!

FBI: Fidelity to the Constitution of the United States. Bravery to protect and defend the United States against terrorist and foreign intelligence threats. Integrity to combat public corruption at all levels. The entire FBI motto continues to be tested in the ongoing Hillary Clinton email affair and all three elements fail.

The FBI, Treasury, State Department, and Justice Department were all seriously politicized during the Obama administration. The departments operated more like protection rackets than proper non-partisan government agencies. They became political enforcers for Obama’s Washington Mafia including the Clinton Crime Family. Refused FOIA requests, stonewalling FOIA requests, conducting incompetent investigations that the Three Stooges would laugh at were all part of the scheme.

Whistleblowers didn’t last long in the Sicilian Mafia and they don’t last long in Washington either.

America elected a new President who has been isolated by government agencies still staffed by the Obama Washington Mafia leftovers determined to protect their crime boss. Obama’s “resistance” movement is nothing more than a criminal syndicate determined to destabilize and overthrow the government of President Donald Trump. After all, anarchy is still a crime in America. The Capos in congress sit on both sides of the aisle and work in collusion with the mainstream media whose bosses have a shared agenda to bring down President Trump.

The fake news, deliberate distortions, stonewalling of FOIA requests, malfeasance and ongoing lack of cooperation from the FBI, State Department, and West Wing democrats active in the White House are all part of the broader plan to protect Hillary which protects Obama which protect their globalist elite puppet masters.

The globalist elite groomed swamp master master Barack Hussein Obama to become president and bring the seismic change the globalist elite need. The legacy of swamp-master Barack Obama will be that he activated the Leftist/Islamist axis to destroy America from within. The hope and change that Obama brought to America was designed to create the social chaos necessary for the globalist elite to impose their own dystopian one-world government.

Barack Obama is a pro-Muslim narcissistic useful idiot. Hillary Clinton is a greedy Leftist useful idiot. Their sycophants are the lemmings that help bring anarchy through the Leftist/Islamist axis. What these arrogant fools do not understand is that there is no place for them in the one-world government envisioned by the elite globalists.

The existential enemy of the Leftist/Islamist axis is President Donald Trump. His Americanism and America-first policies are diametrically opposed to the globalism envisioned by his enemies. If President Trump does not immediately take back the White House he will be neutralized and relegated to the dust heap of ineffective Presidents.

We need to restore our government agencies to America-first. We need to restore the FBI motto to Fidelity Bravery and Integrity. We need President Trump to stand up in the White House and declare himself PRESIDENT not in a political rally in front of his base.



  1. They are attempting to redefine the meaning of “public interest” by confining it to the public “asking” for information. Instead the meaning is whether or not the public is “served” by the revelations. In other words, it is the public’s interest as defined by “We the People”. It is in the interest of the public by revealing and punishing public corruption by Those IN Government.

    It has become conclusive that the FBI and DOJ are compromised no matter who the Administration is at the time. We all believed that Trump, along with Sessions, would finally find and root out any corruption. We had heard from Chaffetz that the FBI and DOJ was stonewalling any document release and Now, Trey Gowdy has come out with the same charge and HAD to subpoena both the FBI and DOJ to “personally” testify about their withholding documents. Sessions, in particular, better have a damn good reason for obstruction otherwise I consider him NO different than Eric Holder.

    • Judge Napolitano said something disturbing. He said, paraphrasing, they don’t want anything they may need to be kept under wraps when they leave, so they leave alone things from the previous administrations and the next administration keeps their secrets! Pathetic, all of it and them!

  2. The FBI, as do all government agencies, consists of human beings. Within any large group of people will be determinable a bell shaped curve regarding fidelity, another regarding bravery and another regarding integrity.

    Among those in the FBI, fidelity to the Constitution is more difficult to measure than fidelity toward another person…such as BHO or HRC. Bravery is difficult to measure without display of instances for which bravery is expected. This also applies to integrity.

    In appointed positions, all three of these metrics are governed by the appointee, not the appointed. Thus when a sleazy corrupt administration governs the FBI, the high ranking personnel tend to emulate the traits of the sleazy appointees. Corrupt FBI agents tend to work their way to the top.

    James Comey certainly had little fidelity to the Constitution. Also he had no bravery. Had he both of these, he would has bravely told Loretta Lynch to go screw herself. His lack of integrity prevented him from doing so.

    James Comey, Loretta Lynch, Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama should be cellmates in a Federal prison. All four of these people lied to the American public when they each took an oath to uphold and protect the Constitution of the United States.

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