Failed Sheriff Jokes About Massacre, “ifs and buts and candy and nuts”


The failed sheriff responsible for keeping children safe at Stoneman Douglas High School will not resign. He takes no responsibility for the truly inadequate protection his leadership provided. Maybe deputy Scot Peterson was a bit of a sacrificial lamb. Israel needs to go too.

For two years that murderer told police and family he wanted to kill people and shoot up a school. No one did much of anything. The FBI got the most horrifying information which should have been a red alert and did nothing. Despite that, it’s unlikely anyone will ever be fired.

It’s clear that the police were told how bad Nikolas Cruz was and an investigation is allegedly going to show why the Sheriffs or police didn’t act. Sheriff Israel, however, is one of the officials investigating when he is the one who failed. Who is going to investigate him?

Israel was on CNN today and he sounded like a very callous individual. We already know he is very political.

People actually voted Israel into office, but Israel got the job because he is political. He is a politician who was voted in by the liberals in Broward because he had a “D” in front of his name.

He was on CNN Sunday joking about it. Here’s the transcript:

JAKE TAPPER: The last question, sir. Do you think that if the Broward Sheriff’s Office had done things differently, this shooting might not have happened?

SHERIFF ISRAEL: Listen, ifs and buts and candy and nuts, O.J. Simpson would still be in the record books.

JAKE TAPPER: I don’t know what that means.

There are 17 dead people, and there’s a whole long list of things your department could have been done differently.

SHERIFF ISRAEL: How could — listen, that’s what after-action reports are. That’s for — lessons-learned reports are for.

We — I have entered into conversation with Chuck Wexler of the Police Executive Research Forum. They will be coming to town to do an independent after-action lessons-learned report.

We understand everything wasn’t done perfectly. And if it happened in Los Angeles or Chicago or any other city, every person wouldn’t have performed perfectly. That’s not what happens.

Yes, if Scot Peterson went into — do I believe in Scot Peterson went into that building, there was a chance he could have neutralized the killer and saved lives? Yes, I believe that.

The Sheriff will not resign.


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