Specious Case Against Assange in Sweden Has Been Dropped


The rape case against Wikileaks’ founder and editor Julian Assange was always specious at best. Two ladies of the night filed the charges. One willingly had sex and later said one of the encounters was not consensual.

The Sentinel is not really a fan of Julian Assange, however, when he’s innocent, he’s innocent.

Now the fear on Assange’s part is that the U.S. will demand his extradition. The Trump administration has already expressed a desire to prosecute Assange and CIA director Pompeo recently blasted Assange on a personal and professional level.

If Trump’s top choice for FBI director, Joe Liberman is selected, it should be noted that he wanted to censor the Wikileaks email leaks. Lieberman wanted to prosecute the NY Times for espionage in connection with the leaks.

Here is something the left doesn’t want exposed which Assange leaked. As early as December 2015, the Clinton campaign was concocting the Russia tale.

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