Fake Conservative Bill Kristol Endorses Fake Indian Elizabeth Warren


Self-described conservative Bill Kristol would rather see socialist Elizabeth Warren as president than the man currently in office who is actually doing what a conservative would want.

He wants anyone, any socialist over President Trump. He has a serious case of Trump derangement syndrome.

Warren wants to turn us into a socialist nightmare.

He prefers Warren because she doesn’t present a threat to our norms and our institutions. Huh?

The truth is she doesn’t want to preserve any norms at all. She wants to pack SCOTUS, eliminate the filibuster, push mandatory buyback of guns, eliminate the electoral college, nationalize large segments of the economy, reject unfavorable election results, seize private wealth via a wealth tax, and so much more, to quote Twitter personality AG Conservative.

This is why no one read his magazine and it went defunct.

What Drew says:

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