Fake Conservatives — ‘Pathetic Losers’ — Launch an Anti-Trump PAC


Fraudulent conservatives — never Trumpers — have launched a PAC to defeat Trump in 2020, the AP reports. It is expected to be heavily funded by far-left operatives.

A small group of Never Trumpers formed the Lincoln Project which undoubtedly sent Abe rolling in his grave. Mostly the members are social media trolls but they also appear on far-left cable ‘news’ shows to trash Trump.

They already have $1 million and plan to engage in battleground states.

Their mission is, “Defeat President Trump and Trumpism at the ballot box.” They want to defeat Trump and any Senator who has defended him in any way.

The principals include the most vicious anti-Trumpers: former John McCain adviser Steve Schmidt (Democrat), former Ohio Gov. John Kasich adviser John Weaver (Democrat), former New Hampshire GOP chair Jennifer Horn (crazed), veteran Republican operative Rick Wilson (racist) and George Conway (OCD husband of Kellyanne, the President’s chief counsel.)


Asked about the super PAC, Kellyanne Conway acknowledged her husband’s involvement and said: “It’s kind of disappointing to see some of the people who are involved, but not surprising.”

Kellyanne Conway dismissed the group as a collection of failed campaign managers.

“They never got a president elected into the White House. I’m sure that hurts, very much. But they never really accommodated the growing Republican Party and understood how to beat Democrats and we did,” she told reporters at the White House.

They are literal losers.

So, now they’re hoping to become successful at not getting one elected and allowing a socialist to win on the other side.

Tim Murtaugh, the communications director for Trump’s reelection campaign, called the effort a “pathetic little club of irrelevant and faux ‘Republicans’ who are upset that they’ve lost all of their power and influence inside the Republican Party.”

They are literally pathetic losers, some say.

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