Fake “DREAMers” Use a “Trip Back Home” Loophole to Gain Citizenship


Thanks to the illegal DACA ‘law’ Obama wrote from the White House, 45,000 so-called DACA have been able to apply for citizenship. They use a loophole exposed by top congressional Republicans on Friday.

The backdoor loophole is based on a requirement that was never intended for this purpose. They say they returned to their home country and came back. That somehow makes them eligible to become a new type of immigrant, allowing them to ask for “parole”.

These are youth who allegedly came to this country at such an early age they had no relationship to the home of their birth. Yet they make trips ‘home’?

The DACA illegals get to take a vacation and then come back and apply for citizenship. Nice!

We are either a nation of laws and borders or we’re not. How many exceptions and loopholes are we going to allow before people realize our borders are wide open.

Our corrupt government is treating Obama’s illegal DACA as if it were law. The only one standing up for the law is the President and some congressional Republicans.

Those granted “parole” can request to adjust their status and gain legal residence — and eventually citizenship — as long as they have a qualifying relationship, such as a citizen child [anchor baby] or a spouse.

These are fake DREAMers, not innocent kids with a dream. They are connivers. Many are middle-aged or approaching it.

The open borders Obama regime had kept the numbers of “advance parolees” secret, refusing to respond to requests from Congress. The Trump administration has provided the numbers. U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services figures indicate that 45,447 DACA recipients had been approved for advance parole as of Aug. 21.

We have an illegal law being used to give citizenship to illegals. The leftists know about the loophole and are advertising it.

The Washington Times reports, “The California-Mexico Studies Center actually advertises just such a program, charging thousands of dollars to give Dreamers a chance to travel south to Mexico to qualify for advance parole. Part of the fees the program collects help pay for ‘legal advice and filing assistance’ in obtaining advance parole.”

They note, “Another class of 35 students took advantage of the program earlier this month, visiting Mexico then returning back to the U.S. legally — and now able to petition for permanent legal status, if they have another qualifying relationship such as a citizen child or spouse.” The laws are only there to control the American citizens.


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