Fake News CNN Wants Disciplinary Action Against Fake News ABC’s Brian Ross


Brian Stelter

Yesterday, ABC News’s gaffetastic news reporter Brian Ross sent the stock markets tumbling Friday with fake news from a Flynn associate that Ret. Lt. Gen. Flynn was preparing to testify against President Trump and Trump’s family.

Ross’s report, delivered live to ABC stations during a “special report” on Friday, said that Flynn would testify that Donald Trump had ordered him to make contact with Russians about foreign policy while he was still a candidate – which raised the specter of impeachment and sent the Dow careening down.

It made all the news throughout the world and people like Adam Schiff predicted the President’s imminent impeachment.

Ross is known for getting everything wrong, literally. He’s Gawker’s “Wrongest Reporter”.

As it turns out, what the Flynn associate actually said was Flynn was asked to come up with ways to improve relations with Russia and other hot spots during the campaign, possibly speak with Russia during the transition about ISIS, and to engage in diplomacy after the election. In other words, it went from accusations of potential collusion to  accusations of engaging in diplomacy.

Brian Stelter, CNN’s fake news reporter of Reliable Sources wants to know if there will be disciplinary action against Ross and ABC.

ABC must be proud that they can manipulate the stock market at will. CNN can now problem they are above all that fake news. Stelter calls himself a reporter but all he does is     trash Trump and the administration. His entire show is devoted to it.

The tweet was removed 12 hours after they knew the truth and the story is still up online. without a correction. President Trump’s son responded.

The networks are still not telling the truth.

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