Fake News CNN Won’t Report That It Costs $64,370 to Resettle One Refugee


A blog called Truth Division brought up a great point the MSM refuses to broadcast — the cost of resettling one refugee. In fact, except for Fox, they report the opposite.

It’s bad enough we are taking in refugees that might want to kill us, but we are paying a lot of money to do it.

According to the Center of Immigration Studies (CIS), the amount needed to resettle just a single refugee equates to $64,370 over the course of five years, or or $257,481 per household.

Refugees are only supposed to be on the dole for six months and we could resettle these same people in the same region they came from at much less the cost. We could resettle 12 in the mid-East or help 61 refugees, CIS reports.

Why are we doing this when we can’t vet them?

The media will not report the facts and CNN is among the worst as Truth Division reported.



In one article, CNN talks up the plight of one poor refugee struggling to be free and ends with his quote:

“I will probably be the only person in the country who is happy to pay taxes this year,” he said.

Refugees also must repay the cost of their airfare within six months. His was $930 and he’s making payments.

In another article, they articulate what they see as the immediate need to take the refugees Australia doesn’t want, but they fail to mention Australia doesn’t want them. They instead mention the abuse in the camps but there are no guarantees we won’t get the abusers. They show photos of innocent children to clinch the deal.

Still another article portrays the high moral cost of not taking in these women and orphans. Seems we heard that from Barack Obama. We can’t vet them and it’s very expensive in a country that borrows forty cents on every dollar it spends. We are actually going broke.

Much of this cost falls on the states and locales where they are resettled. Schools become burdened as does the welfare system. In five years, they vote for Democrats.

Such BS from the media, especially CNN. Truth Division is correct.


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