Fake News Media Ignore Terror Attack for Breaking News About Trump Drinking Coke


The President doesn’t drink alcohol, so the fake news media is condemning his coke drinking.

An attempted terrorist attack caused massive chaos during Monday morning’s rush hour in New York City, but CNN and MSNBC preferred to discuss a silly unsourced article about Trump drinking a dozen cokes a day and watching TV four to eight hours daily.

CNN viewers probably had no clue there was a terror attack. Even if they read CNN online today, they would think the ISIS terrorist — who was inspired by hatred when he saw the Christmas posters — committed an act of terror because Trump has antagonized Palestinians or because of events in Gaza.

As the events in New York City unfolded, Alisyn Camerota blathered on CNN’s New Day with a boring guest about the Times report: “NYT Report: Trump drinks a dozen diet cokes per day.”

“The thing that would concern me more is this consistent consumption of fats and sugars and all sorts of stuff that’s bad for you,” a guest told CNN’s Alisyn Camerota.

CNN switched off the terror attack so quickly, it drew astonished responses on social media. “Astonishing how quickly CNN pivoted from NYC explosion to ridiculous story Trump drinking a lot of Diet Coke,” Newsbusters Senior Editor Rich Noyes tweeted.

MSNBC also blabbered about the report in lieu of the attack.

It is not surprising when one considers the attacker was an Islamic terrorist who was admitted into the U.S. via chain migration. The left doesn’t want you to hear that story.

The New York Times article also claimed knowledge of Trump’s alleged complaints about Don Lemon. Trump denies the story. The Times outlandishly claims to know what the President does from the moment he gets up and why he does what he does.

Trump responded.

The bomber, who couldn’t usurp the big breaking news on the fake media outlets about Trump drinking too much soda, was screaming “Allahu Akbar” while being arrested. Afterward, Trump once again spoke out against chain migration.

This is as bad as ice creamgate.

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