Fake News Reporter Whines After President Refused His Question


Did you see who showed up at the President’s presser with Prime Minister Theresa May in the U.K.?

CNN ‘reporter’ Jim Acosta called out, interrupting several times in an effort to ask President Trump a question to which he responded: “CNN is fake news, I don’t take questions from CNN.” He then called on John Roberts of Fox News, saying “let’s go to a real network”

Acosta murmured, “well we are a real network too, sir.” It’s true, they are a real fake news network.


Jake Tapper and other left-wing journalists are condemning John Roberts for not defending CNN [and disrupting the presser].

One CNN drama queen Hadas Gold said in a tweet: The U.S. president doing this abroad is like giving authoritarian leaders around the world, who put reporters in jail, who try to quash a free press, a green light.

Did he put reporters in jail? We must have missed this.

The real authoritarian was the Marxist former president Barack Obama who ignored Congress and the Constitution, continually resorting to using his pen and phone.

Acosta is spreading the same lie about the President being dictatorial. The CNN mouthpiece asks ridiculous questions to damage the President and then if he isn’t called on, he calls him a dictator destroying free speech.

Democrats are whining all over social media that the agitator and activist Jim Acosta couldn’t ask his question and the Fox reporter didn’t give the mic to Acosta, insulting the President before the world.

This afternoon, John Roberts appeared on Fox to stand up for CNN and one of the reporters, Kristen Welker.

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