Media Watchdog WaPo Brags About Anti-Trump Bias – “Hell” Yes!



The Washington Post is one of the fake news fact checkers for social media and google. They also have a media watchdog columnist named Margaret Sullivan. This weekend she wrote that the media is correct in being biased against Trump.

The former public editor at the New York Times, who guards against bias, says it’s okay if it’s against Trump. After using her column to review the negative coverage of Trump and mocking him for playing the victim card, she asks rhetorically, “Isn’t that terribly unfair?”

Then she answers, “Here’s my carefully nuanced answer: Hell, no”.

We mustn’t “consider negative vs. positive coverage of an elected official, we’re asking the wrong question,” she wrote illogically.

“The president’s supporters often say his accomplishments get short shrift. But let’s face it: Politicians have no right to expect equally balanced positive and negative coverage, or anything close to it. If a president is doing a rotten job, it’s the duty of the press to report how and why he’s doing a rotten job.”

Further condemning balance in reporting, she writes,  “The idea of balance is suspect on its face. Should positive coverage be provided, as if it were a birthright, to a president who consistently lies, who has spilled classified information to an adversary, and who fired the FBI director who was investigating his administration?”

“Certainly not. That’s why efforts like a New York Times op-ed’s pitch to “say something nice about Donald Trump” is so absurd, even if it was meant as tongue-in-cheek.”

The media has determined that he’s a liar and they have no obligation to report anything positive that he does. Of course, they never noticed Obama’s constant lying and constitutional violations.

Funnier still is WaPo’s in-house conservative Jennifer Rubin who recently said she’s not a republican. She announced she was a conservative when she was hired by the Post. Never before had she been taken for one. Actually, she isn’t now either.

Sean Davis of The Federalist wrote of one of her “conservative” comments: On Wednesday, following the publication of several news reports indicating that President Donald Trump planned to withdraw the U.S. from the toothless 2015 Paris global warming deal, Rubin declared that Trump’s move was a disaster, proof that he hated science, and ironclad evidence that he was far too stupid to be president.

In December, 2015, Rubin professed to be opposed to the Paris deal.

Her Twitter feed is anti-Trump, anti-Republican, pro-Leftist.

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