Fake Republican Colin Powell Gives an Outrageous Performance on Meet the Press



Former Secretary of State Colin Powell has been dragged out for a repeat of his previous interview performances aimed at bringing down Republicans. It’s just in time to distract from Hillary Clinton’s disastrous campaign and Obama’s failed policies. It’s geared for the low-information voters.

Powell claimed he is still a Republican during an interview with Meet the Press Sunday and then proceeded to dismiss the entire party because, according to him, it is moving into radical right territory and has a serious, “dark”, racist bent.

Powell doesn’t, however, mind the violent, dangerous, racist hate group #BlackLivesMatter (BLM). That group is funded by Socialist George Soros whose goal is to destroy American Capitalism and replace it with his Open Society.

BLM, Powell said, is a “way to capture the essence of the problem” and he “doesn’t mind the movement.”

Thanks to the anti-police hate coming from groups like #BlackLivesMatter, spurred on by this administration, police are targets. Just today, two officers stopped at a traffic light in Las Vegas were approached by an assailant who shot into their vehicle. One officer was wounded but does not have life threatening injuries.

During the staged interview, Powell mentioned the faux voting rights problem as an example of supposed racism. Who in their right mind thinks asking for photo ID to at least register to vote is keeping minorities from voting?

Not having a solid immigration policy is more racism by the right according to Powell though he knows full well that the president is refusing to follow all immigration laws and will not close the border if Americans approve amnesty first.

Powell is race baiting and including Hispanics in it to secure Democratic votes, nothing more.

No Republican votes for Obama twice and touts his entire leftist platform as Powell has done. It’s absurd and he is dishonest.

Powell made the same false claims of being a Republican turned off to the racists in the party in 2007 and again in 2012, and in almost every interview in the last seven years. He’s a tool.

The only “dark vein of intolerance”, as he calls it, is coming from him. Powell used a harmless ‘shucking and jivin’ comment by Sarah Palin as alleged proof Republicans are leaning racist. One person dared call the president “lazy” and apparently that’s more proof the party is filled with racists.

Powell supports extremism in climate change, healthcare, illegal immigration, the Iran deal, and every other aspect of Obama’s failed agenda, yet pretends he’s a ‘moderate’ Republican.

The Republicans aren’t becoming extreme, he and his president are extreme.

The “right wing” he believes are racist favor two Cubans and one African-American as possible successors to Barack Obama and still he calls them racists.

Colin Powell has some serious character flaws.

In 2003, Valerie Plame’s name was given up as a part-time spy and Scooter Libby war pursued mercilessly as the supposed leaker.

Lewis “Scooter” Libby, who was chief of staff to then-VP Dick Cheney, was convicted of obstruction of justice and perjury in the case. Libby was innocent and it came out much later that Colin Powell knew he was innocent but let him go through the trial and conviction without once telling the truth.

Colin Powell’s deputy Richard Armitage was the leaker. Powell never told the president, the Attorney General, or the public what Armitage had done. He sat silent as the investigation played out and as Karl Rove and Libby were ensnared by the investigation, a “crime” for which Armitage should have been prosecuted – if anyone.

I put “crime” in quotes because most already knew Plame was running around cocktail parties picking up gossip she then relayed to the CIA. She was hardly a spy.

That’s all you need to know about Colin Powell.

What do you think about all this? I’d really like to know.




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6 years ago

I thought Powell’s autobiography was inspiring — my wife thought he was a phony.
Unfortunately, my wife was right.

Andrew lee
Andrew lee
6 years ago
Reply to  BobC

With all due respect for ROTC officers, as compared to West Point trained officers, there is no comparison . I was a ROTC officer . Powell was ROTC . He got to his high level only because he was a minority. Thank GOD he never led our troops in a battle.
As for his loyalties, he is loyal above all to Obama . His backing of this crappy Iran treaty puts him in the traitor category.

6 years ago

I’m at work right now, fixin’ to leave. I’ll get back to this for what it’s worth.
Colon … er … Colin makes me want to puke.

6 years ago

He was also was one the liars for the invasion of Iraq on “weapons of mass destruction”.

6 years ago

He turned into the liberal tool towards the end of the Bush administration in 2007. I find it strange that a guy who’s military career progressed in promotions to General during a republican administration – yet, here he is accusing this same party of being ‘racist’?!
Of course he is a tool and a patsy for the liberal party – having voted for Obama twice why has he not changed his affiliation? Despite all that – Obama had no use for him in his administration. I don’t recall Obama offering a DOD/Pentagon job.

Why exactly is he so angry; allowing an innocent man – Libby – going to prison for something his protégé Armitage did – should tell you all there is to know.

What a tool, patsy and moron – a lying and deceptive individual who makes *hit up as he goes along. He is an embarrassment to the rest of military commanders in the field – past and present.

By the way – why has he not spoken out on behalf of all 230+ military commanders his idol fired because they refused to change their oath to the constitution to an oath of loyalty to him; others were charged with concocted false allegation. One wonders why the msn never reported how Obama wanted to set of a nuke ‘for fun’ while a low enlisted military man prevented it and sent it into the ocean preventing harm?

That is the kind of guy Powell idolizes – what a colorblind and dishonest tool!

6 years ago

Maybe Johnny will actually work and Jamal will just want to show up and want to get paid for doing nothing. You are just as bad as the thugs, Colin. It is not the white man that is the problem, it is your own kind killing each other and you do not even address it. I guess I credited you with more intelligence than you actually have. Your kind is more racist than all the whites. A-hole.