Fake Republican Geraldo Rivera Explains Why Obama Is a Failure in One Word



Fake Republican Geraldo Rivera appeared on Outnumbered today and made the claim that Obama failed because Americans are racist. He won because white people voted for him. Geraldo is a registered Republican. He signed up with the GOP in 2009, after previously been registered as unaffiliated with any party, according to a Newark Star Ledger story.

Geraldo said, “I wanted to kiss Obama after his gun control remarks… I think what is clear is that the nation was not ready for a black president. And I think the gross divisions we suffer right now in this country are, when you strip away everything else, the gun rights, terror and all the rest of it, what you have essentially is a nation divided between white people and everybody else.”

That’s a disgusting thing to say. It’s not because he’s black, it’s because he’s a socialist. The single biggest reason we are divided as a nation along racial lines is because of Obama. Harrison Faulkner let him have it and she won the exchange.