Fake Story of Roger Ailes & Fox Analyzed by people who know the truth


The Hollywood hit job of Roger Ailes began on Showtime Monday night and it bombed! It could get better but it doesn’t sound like it will. People who don’t like Ailes and Fox News won’t watch it because they don’t like either. People who like Ailes and Fox won’t watch because they know it’s an attack series.

Two Hollywood insiders/executives who worked closely with Roger Ailes, Rubert Murdoch, and all the rest of the original Fox crew review the first episode in the clip below and will review all of the episodes.

It’s a real good look at what Hollywood does to people they portray. It’s an awakening. You will be woke at the end!

The analysts of LaCorte News talked about Ailes as one of the funniest men and the most inspirational men you’ve ever met. They go through each character as they are or were in life with Roger Ailes at the end.

It’s sad what Hollywood can do to destroy reality.

This is the true story of Roger Ailes:

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