Fake Twitter Accounts by Government Peeps Are Running Amok



Rep. Stockman has found evidence that Obamabots are using fake Twitter accounts in a massive anti-gun fraud to convince members of Congress to vote the Obama-way.

The obvious fakes have no followers and follow no one and they only tweet anti-gun.

Bloggers first spotted the blatant and deceitful attempt to sway opinion. The tweets were “created less than 48 hours before a member of Congress was contacted,” blogger Stacy McCain discovered. The tweets also include the “#WeDemandAVote hashtag – which President Obama told gun-control supporters to include in their Twitter messages to Congress.”

This is a scam and the anti-gun campaign is a fraud. It’s the opposite of grass roots. It’s astro-turf.

The White House has been asked to comment but has not.

Full story at FoxNews


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