Fake Whistleblower’s Lawyer Wants Him to Testify Anonymously???


One of the fake whistleblower’s attorneys wants the accuser’s identity protected. What a deal if they can get it!

Mark Zaid

The President would not be able to face his accuser. The left is blogging on the attorney’s thread cheering his unAmerican plan.

A whistleblower who is “politically biased’ wants to be allowed to testify without anyone knowing who he is, his motivations, his background? Think about that. Will he come with a voice modulator and a wig and dark sunglasses? How does that work?

Rumors are that he’s a Brennan “hump” and we are not allowed to know who he is? You can bet he won’t answer a single Republican question, claiming the Fifth Amendment.

He shouldn’t be a whistleblower since he only repeated gossip, but the attorney says the complainants could always use gossip/hearsay. That could be true. We will assume it’s true, but that is not how the form read until August of this year when the accuser filed.

The law gives the Intelligence Inspector General near-total authority to evaluate complaints, and the IC IG explicitly stated on its whistleblower form that “The IC IG cannot transmit information via the ICWPA based on an employee’s second-hand knowledge of wrongdoing.”

Does the rule of law no longer matter at all? The bureaucrats want to destroy Trump, therefore the law and justice won’t stand in their way, it seems. Adam Schiff now wants to look at other presidential communications with foreign leaders, especially Putin. That would end our president’s ability to communicate with foreign leaders indefinitely.


Dan Bongino says we’re on life support. He also thinks Democrats are panicking since they will soon be exposed.

“It’s never going to stop. I mean, the republic is dying a slow death,” he said Monday on “Fox & Friends.” “We’re on life support here… They’re panicking because the IG report’s about to come out, which is about to expose a massive government spying operation against Donald Trump.”

“Here’s the key takeaway — in collusion with foreign governments,” Bongino continued. “That’s why they’re panicking. And they’re panicking because… what the Obama administration did is 1,000 times worse than what they’re alleging Donald Trump did.”


He got punked:



  1. Something very wrong with that. He was the one that came forward with “evidence”. If can’t face his accused why is he even going to testify? Coward. The whole thing stinks. And connections to Soros sounds even worse.

  2. A major coup is underway with no relevance to law whatsoever, will someone in the GOP, stand up and stop this chicanery.

  3. Why aren’t the people who gave this WHISTLE BLOWER the info coming forward with their FIRST HAND KNOWLEGE of the phone call ???, after all they can hide under the same identity protection, this smells of a CIA operation, Brennan I think is up to his neck in this !!! he still has buddies in the CIA

  4. I think he should be allowed to testify behind closed doors as long as a transcript of the full testimony is released to the public. Since he is afforded whistleblower protection, his name should be kept private but the same does not apply to the people that supposedly told him what they overheard. They are not whistleblowers so he should be compelled to divulge who gave him the information and if he doesn’t then he should lose his whistleblower status and his name should be released and he should be held in contempt

    • This coward is willing to destroy reputations based on hearsay and what the voices in his head whisper to him. Let him come forth and bear full responsibility for his actions rather than stab someone in the back while hiding in the darkness.

      This is the lowest of the low. This rumor monger deserves to be known. He cannot be trusted nor should he ever be employed in any position of trust.

  5. There is a name for people who attempt to overthrow governments. But these people are cowards who will not even come forward in the light of day. They are scum. They need to be taken out and shot.

  6. LOL! The “whistleblower” isn’t even real. That’s the WHOLE POINT of an anonymous testimony. Anyway, this IS still America, right? Don’t we get to face our accusers?

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